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By nichaneely - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I got yelled at by one of my bosses. The reason? I was yawning. I work at Starbucks. Apparently, I wasn't 'promoting' correctly. FML
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do they let y'all drink for free?

I'll take a venti White Chocolate mocha...


do they let y'all drink for free?

Nope. I used to work at a starbucks. The one I was at was terrible about that. Or at least my main manager was. When she would train me, all the drinks I made as practice, she would throw out. I had one boss that didn't care, and she'd let people drink tiny sample cups as long as it wasn't busy. But apparently, we weren't supposed to.

Did you at least get a good discount? Or a coffee break? ...Sorry, bad joke, I know.

I worked at a Starbucks and B&N, like the Starbucks was at a corner kiosk in there... Starbucks treated their employees terribly, but B&N had cool perks. Starbucks? No free coffee, not even one, not even of the plain coffee, or one little sip of espresso. B&N? You can use the store as your own personal library and rent out books. Starbucks? Crappiest employee discount ever. B&N? AWESOME employee discount %! I don't understand how you can "promote" the image if they don't give you coffee.

Where did you get your facts??? I have a friend that works and the B&N one and yes it is nice. But I work at a starbucks myself and what you said is SOO not true. They do NOT treat us horrible. They are strict (which is why it is such a great place that can charge what they do) when it comes with cleaning and other things. (I yawn all the time and people laugh not yell at me, her boss may have just been a dick) It is the best job I have had. They DO give us free coffee, teas etc. Glad you like where you work but dont badmouth what you dont know.

It's not that they're bad mouthing Starbucks, they're just telling stuff that they've gotten is Starbucks that they've worked in. The Starbucks you work in might have had the best worker perks and treatment, but it might not be the same as in other Starbucks in the world. What I'm trying to say is that they probably treat their workers differently in the Starbucks across the world.

Meh. I work at Starbucks and love my job. I yawn all the time.. well, at 5 in the morning. lol. Your boss was either joking, or is just a jerk. Alex, and those who say that you don't get free drinks while you work at Starbucks, not true. First, Alex, the Barnes and Noble Starbucks is not a retail store and not, in fact, owned by Starbucks. So, it was Barnes and Noble who were treating their cafe employees like crap, not Starbucks. Get your story straight. While some managers are stricter than others about when you can have a partner beverage, all Starbucks employees are granted at least three per shift. If you're manager is refusing to let you have one, then you need to talk to your DM. But, in my experience, the manager or shift doesn't generally care how many you have, as long as you're not drinking them on the floor, or making them ahead of customer drinks.

@29 Apparently, however, in YOUR case, an education wasn't necessary. Please, please don't tell me... You're also a cheerleader?

I also work at a Starbucks, and we get free drinks before and after a shift and during breaks. Plus whenever it's quiet someone will make some experimental concoction. And we are supposed to taste-test the espresso shots every hour to ensure quality. The boss is still being a dick, but if the OP really wanted to he could have easily been buzzing with caffeine. And at #48, I never touch sugar free anything on principle, but I found Via to be shockingly drinkable.

@1: Please don't type "y'all".

hahaha win @ 22. ydi yur working wit caffeine nd yur yawning???

Wow the people that are replying worked at awful Starbucks stores. I work at Starbucks and at mine we can have free drinks when we're on the clock but when we were off the clock it was a 30% discount and each day when we worked we could have a food mark out (one free pastry) and once a week we could have a free bag of coffee for a coffee mark out. And during the holidays we got 40% off.

HAHA that's excellent.

Your boss has a point actually... lol... I mean it's like if I was a sales rep for condoms or some shit but I was walking around with 4 children. People might take the hint and not buy my condoms.

i work at starbucks as well, @1--yes we do get to drink whatever we want. my manager was telling me about a partner of ours always leaning against the counter and yawning, its not something you can really control but its not very professional. this is not a FML btw.

::edit:: I should have worked at yours! My manager was a bitch... she wouldn't even let us drink/eat anything as we were closing up.

well thats just stupid. the first thing many of the partners do is make a drink right when they get in. Starbucks EXPECTS partners to have around SIX drinks marked out per person. as long as you mark it out, its ok. if we weren't allowed to have drinks, there wouldn't be a "partner beverage" button on the screen.

haha I know exactly what you mean there. I worked at a starbucks for 6 months

FYL and fuck your job.

Not really an FML. You still have a job, which is more then some people can say. I understand you were just yawning, but at least you only got yelled at.

Suck it up. Be glad u got a Job...