By okaythen - 02/03/2016 23:50 - United States - Arcata

Today, I got written up by HR after my new coworker told them I had an ignorant, offensive caricature of Native American people decorating my desk. It was a framed photograph of an actual Native American tribe that belonged to my history buff grandfather. FML
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Could you go to a higher up and show them the picture? This seems like an easy fix.



Could you go to a higher up and show them the picture? This seems like an easy fix.

Drives me nuts when people (bosses or HR) just write people up without investigating first and getting to the bottom of a situation. Just because someone has said something about another doesn't mean it's automatically true.

In some cases, there's a mandatory write up if there's a complaint. It really depends on the company. Not saying it's fair, just that it's a thing.

Yeah this seems like something you can appeal

In that case he should complain that his coworker is harassing him over a picture given to him by his grandfather. Write ups for everyone lol.

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Some people need to mind their own business.

The OP is from California, everyone is offended there.


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Not all of us. Unfortunately, the ones who ARE tend to be the loudest about it and drown out all of us more reasonable human beings.

As a fellow Californian, I can vouch that a lot of us do get easily offended

Damn, OP. Being wrongfully punished is always a nuisance, isn't it? Hopefully you can get it cleared up with both your coworker and HR.

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I hate it when people jump to conclusions like that :/

Co-worker should have minded his or her own business from the beggining...

Claim land rights over your desk and say you'll display whatever you please on your land

Show them the picture and explain what it means to you! I'm sure they'll understand!

I doubt that it will make a difference. The co-worker has a preconceived notion of what Native Americans are like, and very little is going to change their mind.

Were they from tumblr by any chance?

Most likely, they always have to cause a huge scene about something small.

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What happened to just confronting people.. immediately going to HR wasn't even warranted if it had been a caricature

A normal workplace would ask to see the photo before writing you up. Might be time to find a professional company.

In a normal world: Coworker: Oh, that is an interesting picture. Can I ask about it? OP: Oh, my grandfather is a historian/history buff and gave it to me. It's the Awesome Tribe of the Super Cool Valley. Coworker: Oh, cool. I learned something new. *Goes back to chewing gum and fucking up people's FIOS* But apparently common sense doesn't exist. Go to HR, show them the picture, and maybe then take it home since it's causing you issues.

I agree that taking the picture home would be the best course of action. It would be in a place where OP could enjoy it, and there would be one less item that the complainer can be offended by.

I wouldn't take the picture away from my desk. If you take it away he will think that he can complain about everything and always "win"

If you get written up for somethng on your desk, making a big stink about it won't do any good.