By okaythen - United States - Arcata
Today, I got written up by HR after my new coworker told them I had an ignorant, offensive caricature of Native American people decorating my desk. It was a framed photograph of an actual Native American tribe that belonged to my history buff grandfather. FML
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  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Drives me nuts when people (bosses or HR) just write people up without investigating first and getting to the bottom of a situation. Just because someone has said something about another doesn't mean it's automatically true.

  Bibliovore  |  26

Here's the thing, though: It _is_ important to address actual problems where they exist. One person's overreaction doesn't mean nobody should make appropriate reactions, or that everyone who reacts appropriately should be painted with the same brush as the overreactors.

  Arot6  |  17

60, unfortunately, the majority of stuff SJWs harp on about are non-issues.
Cultural appropriation? I always thought that cultures building off each other was a good thing.
Speech codes on campus? I always thought people should be allowed to have and express any beliefs they want, because universities should be encouraging debate, not silencing people.
Sexist air conditioning (yes, this was a real thing)? I shouldn't even have to explain how stupid this is.
That's not even to mention the fact that a lot of SJWs will propagate false statistics in order to support their narratives (eg: the so-called wage gap doesn't take into account job choice, wage negotiation, education type, hours worked, or overtime. Also, the 1/5 sexual assault figure has been repeatedly debunked, as it was one of the most unscientific studies of modern times having a small sample size, a non-representative sample, and they completely disregarded female on male rape. To put it in perspective, the actual rate of sexual assault/rape according to the Department of Justice is 1/52, which includes both reported and estimated unreported cases).

SJWs are the modern-day authoritarians. They want to police interactions and have strict regulations on society, which is the exact opposite of what anyone who believes in individual rights and freedoms wants.

  Shmatterhorn  |  38

I doubt that it will make a difference. The co-worker has a preconceived notion of what Native Americans are like, and very little is going to change their mind.

By  sohigh10  |  34

What happened to just confronting people.. immediately going to HR wasn't even warranted if it had been a caricature