By Noname - United States
Today, I got up early and really put some extra effort into my appearance to catch the eye of a cute guy at work. I walked in and the woman that sits in the desk beside me looks over and says, "wow, are you sick? You're not looking too good." FML
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Sounds like a personal problem. Low Self esteem? You shouldn't care what some receptionist at your workplace thinks about you unless of course she is a lesbian.

By  iwontusemyname  |  0

you might not be using the right makeup. it's probably either your concealer, foundation, or blush. whatever your skin tone is i recommend nars blush it'll make you look healthy. also, make sure you are putting it on the apples of your cheeks.

  mikuxxhatsune  |  31

That is what I thought. Maybe her foundation was too light and made her look pale or the concealor was the wrong shade? Because I have done both and looked somewhat sick or unwell.

By  katie_6098  |  0

i know how you feel. i make an extra effort to look nice on days when i see the person i have a crush on, but he usually just messes up my hair or put me in headlocks...