By hnnhyoo - 13/08/2015 21:33 - United States - Oxnard

Today, I got told that I was going to hell for turning down a man that was at least in his 60s. Even after I told him I was married. FML
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This is disgusting but sadly a lot of women experience this type of thing all too often.

karcummings 19

some people are just rude, don't listen to them cause its not true.


Don't worry OP, some people are ignorant.

how is this an fml? Some people you encounter can be rude it's just a part of life

It makes me feel bad when I have to tell people I'm married after a simple rejection does't work, I shouldn't have to be 'claimed' by a man to stop others pestering me. Not that it isn't extra gross that he persisted even after you saying that.

corky1992 33

I wouldn't feel bad. Some people just don't have any respect for others relationships. it's sad.

It's not really "feeling bad", it's more of feeling like your thoughts and feelings don't matter, only the fact you are "claimed" by another man as she stated. A person should stop when the other tells then they aren't interested, relationship or not.

corky1992 33

That's when you say I'll see you there!

Crazy people. FYL

Attacksloth 33

You are sick, denying that friendly old man a date. He deserves it, for all of the shit he's been through. Sarcasm.

God I hope this is a joke...

Attacksloth 33

You didn't read the "sarcasm" note I put at the end?

Hey don't worry it doesn't exist anyways

You tease! How dare you!

FUCK 'em! They're morons. You are right and they are VERY wrong. That's ALL that matters.

Go to Hell Michigan...then his point came true... It's not a guarantee but he couldn't just leave it at that