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  lex1459  |  38

Once, a guy told me with a deadpan expression that I was going to get hit by lightning if I didn't go out with him, and that a storm was coming so watch out.

  IDerive  |  12

Growing up around church, my wife has been told by two or three guys that God told them that they were going to marry her.. You girls have my sympathy because some guys are idiots...

  cupcakebruh  |  21

My sister works as a waitress while shes in college, and the idiots that go to that restaurant hit on her so often that she had to buy herself a fake engagement ring to keep them away. And I'm talking about guys that her age, guys older than her, and guys that are still in high school.
Me on the other hand, the guys who hit on me are either disgusting guys who pick their nose in public, or guys who want nothing but sex.. (a rumor went around about me in school that I was a total whore, and I'd sleep with anyone, its not true)