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Today, I got to meet the guy that I have been talking to over a dating website. We were having a great time, at least until I managed to randomly fall asleep in front of him. I spent the rest of the day sending text messages trying to explain to him that I suffer from narcolepsy. FML
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If it happens just like that maybe you should disclose that to people just as a precaution in the future.

If he doesn't accept that you have a medical condition then he's probably not worth it.


If he doesn't accept that you have a medical condition then he's probably not worth it.

You can't accept what you don't know about. If OP has a condition that impacts her life this much then it's up to her to disclose it right away.

Has anyone else noticed that from the wording of this fml, it sounds like OP passed out and when she woke up her date was already gone? Like he just LEFT HER THERE. UNCONSCIOUS. In whatever public place they met at. Who the **** does that? Even if he did accept the fact she has a condition afterwards, that is still a seriously dick move on his part.

I have a cousin with narcolepsy. She probably didn't expect to fall asleep on her date, it usually happens when you are sitting still and not really engaged. You shouldn't be expected to disclose your personal medical conditions on a first date, that's just unreasonable. It's understandable that the guy was upset, but he definitely shouldn't have just left her there, so rude.

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If it happens just like that maybe you should disclose that to people just as a precaution in the future.

Maybe you should have told him before you met when you were chatting online.

If he can't accept you and your medical condition then he's probably not someone you want to be with anyways. You deserve better than that!

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but is he not accepting it, or just thinking its a lie?

You should have discussed that before hand, maybe you even tried but fell asleep before hitting send :( All jokes aside, I'm sorry to hear that your date ended like this I hope he will understand

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Maybe you should have disclosed this earlier, especially since you're obviously diagnosed with it and are at risk of falling asleep? In all honesty, if I were him, I might have a hard time believing it too instead of seeing it as an excuse for your 'behaviour'. I mean, I'm sorry for this unfortunate series of events but you could've avoided some trouble by being upfront about it. Especially since it's something that is likely to happen throughout the day.

Im not sure why everyone is saying she should have told him before the first time they even met, Ive never discussed my medical history before the first date even happens. If you have any medical papers with your history maybe you could send him a picture of them so he knows youre not lying about your condition.

I'm not an expert on narcolepsy but that is something I would tell someone before a meeting them, because if you have an episode they could freak out and call 911 or something.

Whether to tell someone would depend on the severity of the narcolepsy, which would be under the individual's discretion, but if you have strong episodes it's probably best to notify the person you're spending time with so they understand what could happen. However, as a sufferer myself, I understand why OP might not want to tell a person she doesn't know well yet. It's a medical condition, which can be pretty personal for some people, sometimes people treat you differently once you mention you have one. Also, sometimes we're mocked and ridiculed because many don't understand the condition beyond the fact that we "fall asleep," and there's a lot more to it than that. Or worse they can call it fake, think you're lazy, and just mean about it. I will say there are many people out there that are accepting, OP. I met my boyfriend of a year and a half online and he is incredibly understanding and accommodating.

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on the other hand shouldn't it just be mentioned beforehand so op knows if he is a pain in the ass who would mock or treat her different?

It depends on the condition. If it's something that may interrupt your date, then yes you should most definitely disclose it beforehand.

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15: I'm guessing you don't understand how narcolepsy works...

You have no idea what narcolepsy is, do you? We have sleep attacks, it doesn't matter how excited we are, once an episode hits, that's it, we're just done and pass out instantly. Our sleep attacks are equivalent to an epileptic having a seizure, it's uncontrollable.

From what I've heard, being excited can be a trigger for a sleep attack, right?

It doesn't generally trigger a sleep attack, but intense emotions can trigger what is called a cataplexy attack. Which is when the muscles weaken or spasm causing the person to lose control of them, like knees buckling, neck weakening, arms go limp etc.

I have a sleep disorder myself and doctors suspected narcolepsy previously. Have you tried Ritalin? I hope your condition won't limit you too much and that people will just accept it as it doesn't change who you are as a person :)