By disappointed - 23/07/2012 01:05

Today, I got to live my life's dream of going whale watching. Apparently my true life's dream was to get extremely seasick, sunburned to a crisp, and pay $60 to see only seagulls in the end. FML
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60$ for a tan-in-the-making, ordinary wildlife viewing, not to mention lovely public washrooms? sounds like a blast to me! (that was sarcasm, for all you idiots out there that are nit picky about such things)

Sunako_fml 9

Wow I'm so sorry OP :( Hopefully you will overcome your seasickness eventually! And wear sunscreen next time!

Putting on the correct amount of sunscreen and doing it frequently enough can be tricky sometimes. Unless you are thoroughly applying it every 10 minutes or something, theres no guaruntee you won't get sunburned, even with sunscreen.

SomeRussianGirl 3

Just go to SeaWorld and STFU :/

beelee1988 13

Sea World and Whale Watching don't even compare to each other.

xactownife 7

How the **** do they deserve it?

Maybe you should have worn some damn-ass sunscreen.

Airman1988 9

But than they would have a super pasty ass to go with a tomato red body geez

aw :( i guess that negates my comment!

I thumbed it up because I found the "damn-ass" to be hilarious.

Damn-Ass? Is that French? What is it, 50 SPF? I wear only 35 and higher

Whatever damn-ass spf you can find it the hell in.

5 appearantly likes to say damn a lot...Read their description

At 5. Haha you like to same damn a lot...

beelee1988 13

Rorburt... you're not supposed to speak of Tumblr, outside of Tumblr. *hits myself for doing the same thing* . Thumb me down. I deserve it.

You didn't completely take a guess just so you can be number one, nope.

Should have grabbed seagulls, had them fly you over the ocean, instant whale watching from the sky.

Like James and the giant peach! Except they didn't whale watch.

**** the whales. You got to see flippin' seagulls!

Well, atleast you got to see the seagulls. I hear they're going extinct! No really, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience, OP. That really... Blows :3