By Airplane crap - 21/10/2014 20:13 - United States - Leavenworth

Today, I got stuck on an airplane for a while before takeoff. Someone decided it was a great time to get diarrhea while on the toilet, and we couldn't take off for safety reasons. FML
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goldenscorpion_fml 15

No one 'decides' to get diarrhea.

F their life. Not only was that uncomfortable, they were probably really embarrassed because everyone now knows them as "the person who had diarrhea and held up the flight."


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Thank you for not finishing that shitty pun! (If people think this is a pun, I did not intentionally write the pun)

#20, you just needed to say "no pun intended" Lol

#59 I just realized it when I hit the "validate" button

Oh dear lord in heaven, I hope they had febreeze

You don't like recycled aerosol ass juice on your flights?

tony1891 22

air Freshener doesn't work. only makes it smell worse. ugh

Like shit flowers. Or vanilla shit beans.

"vanilla shit beans" lold at this

The small amount of liquids that they actually allow you to take on a plane couldn't possibly mask even the mildest diarrhea situation

You can bring gallons ... if bought after security.

Under 5oz don't count on it

Brightbulb 39

Last time I was on a plane it was under 5 oz to pass security and then you could buy anything you wanted to take on the plane on the shops between security and the gate. I got air freshener, a drink, food, and brought it all on the plane with no difficulties.

F their life. Not only was that uncomfortable, they were probably really embarrassed because everyone now knows them as "the person who had diarrhea and held up the flight."

I'm sure the OP would have decided not to inconvenience the other passengers by remaining in their seat and crapping their pants.

I don't think OP is the one that held up the flight.

Nobody implied it was. What Earl_KarmasBitch was saying, sarcastically, was that had it been OP who decided to get the diarrhea, he or she would not have held up the flight, but instead sat in the seat, defecating in his or her pants.

goldenscorpion_fml 15

No one 'decides' to get diarrhea.

If you decide to eat Taco Bell you decided to get diarrhea.

#15 Don't forget Chipotle!

badluckalex 23

Chipotle is fine for me

i agree, i don't think you should be bitter against them. its not like holding up the plane was their evil genius master-plan.

I dunno number 40. Maybe you're onto some new evil criminal plot! They delay your flights by hours and force you to smell the aroma of defecation. Their singular goal is to make you mildly uncomfortable, truly dastardly criminals.

Where will you be when diarrhea hits?

I moded this and it wasnt diarrhea it said take a shit so

Actually people who eat the Satan Diarrrhea Hate Bears (the Haribo sugarless gummy bears' nickname) do. They eat them to see if they are actually as bad as people say they are. I'm waiting until the day I can order some and try because I want to so yeah.

what a shitty situation you must've been in

Stop with the shit puns. Is it that much harder to think of a more clever pun? Like maybe, idk, "Stinks to be you." Or something better than a shit pun

Nah "what a shitty situation" "is a keeper," when it comes to toilet related FMLs.

Thanks for providing an example of why you shouldn't come up with puns on the run.

"A shitty situation..." Get out.

No, just no. Stop.

vanessa_tranz 15

It seems like there are more comments complaining about the 'shitty situation' puns than the actual puns themselves.

I love how every post in this entire thread has 0 thumbs or less

Apparently even the aeroplane ones don't fly.

Haha #29 "on the run"

Part of me wonders what "safety reasons" these were..

The threat of Ebola, most likely.

larrena2377 26

People have to be seated with their seat belts on during takeoff, landing, and turbulence. So if they were on the toilet, they didn't have a seat belt.

Oh, the thought of a toilet with a seatbelt. Buckle up, you're in for a ride.

Diahhrea is a form of terrorism

larrena2377 26

41, at least you'd be prepared for when they scared the shit out of you.

Imagine being on the toiled while the plane is going hundreds of miles an hour during takeoff....not a pretty situation to be in.

41, you almost made me snort my coffee all over my phone. Well done.

skyttlz 32

The thought of being stuck on an airplane toilet with diarrhea during takeoff..

ahippienamedrae 10

Now would be a great opportunity to post that "Where will you be when diarrhea hits?" picture.

Your attitude really stinks

Well just imagine if you had diarrhea and instead of them waiting for you to be done in the painful time what if they just took off.... SH!T WOULD BE GOING EVERYWHERE IN THE WASHROOM... Now that would be a real FML. Plus you just need to be patient.

If you would have preferred they could have just went in their pants and stunk up the plane.