By Anonymous - 24/08/2015 21:28 - Italy - Genova

Today, I got stuck in the elevator at work. When I was finally let out, my boss decided I shouldn't get a lunch break, because I'd already had over an hour off work while in the elevator. I had to starve through 5 more hours of work. FML
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Is that even legal?

Your boss is a dick! Can't you make a complaint about him? :L


Is that even legal?

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I don't think it is :| Denied a paid lunch because you were stuck in an elevator? Might be on the line.

Not all companies offer paid lunches though. My last job didnt. I don't think it's legal to be denied a lunch break, but the laws may be different there.

Really depends on their minimum hour limit (some have 4 some 5-6) and if they give you a paid break or not. I've never had a job that allows more than a 10 minute paid break

Where I live, you aren't entitled to any kind of break unless you work for MORE than six hours.

In Australia you're entitled to a break after five hours at maximum, in some industries such as retail you're entitled to a break at four hours. Not sure what the situation is like in Italy.

Your boss is a dick! Can't you make a complaint about him? :L

Of course, this is America

Nope ^^ very illegal

You know the reply button exists

You know the reply button exist. U pleb

U no the replie butten exist, u plab

You reply, know button exists you do

jus hit repliey beb.

You'd think he would be a bit more merciful considering the situation you were just in. FYL.

Unless eating in your office is forbidden, you can alway order food.

even if it is forbidden, I'd do it anyways.

Sue him. Very illegal.

I think we found the American ladies and gentlemen.

That's ridiculous! If he has a supervisor, report him! Otherwise quit because that job sounds like hell

Because everyone is in a position to up and quit their job.

Damn that's cold.

Have you ever been to canada ?

That's illegal almost everywhere, unless you're in a sweatshop in a country where people don't have rights. Report his ass and get him fired

Shit, bosses worldwide are all bastards.