By Stuckism - 15/09/2009 17:16 - Malaysia

Today, I got stuck in an elevator. The help-line tells me, "Don't touch the door. We'll be there soon". Two hours later, I've got a headache, my legs are stiff and my date must think I stood her up. The tech finally arrives, pries the door open, then rudely asks, "Why didn't you do that yourself?" FML
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I cant blame you. It wasnt ur fault u got stuck and it wasnt your fault the tech was a prick.

Why didnt you just sit down?


Agreed FYL you should've started kicking and screaming though just to piss everybody nearby off though ;)

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i would have politely given the tech guy a finger and then shoved right by him

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The people who DO speak for themselves get their FMLs rejected or they are no longer FMLs lol so all we are left with is the whiney doormatts. Yay us?

ever thought they just leave off the part where they speak up for themselves because of what the person who posted above me said?

Screw that, give him a broken jaw.


I cant blame you. It wasnt ur fault u got stuck and it wasnt your fault the tech was a prick.

Before calling for help, did you not try just opening the doors.... or consider phoning your date at some point .....

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Usually cell phone service in elevators is terrible.

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well if i were stuck in an elevator, and i called someone who no doubt had dealt with this before, and that person told me not to touch the door, i probably would have listened. i would have thought that an electric current was running through the door and it was gonna zap me if i touched it. when you're suspended in midair in a closed in box that isnt going anywhere, im pretty sure you dont have a clear head.

Lift went into an underground parking lot, box in a box, it had terrible reception.

Sounds like she is a twat. FML, There is no way you deserved to be stuck in an elevator, and yelled at by a stupid bitch.

why did you assume the tech was a woman?

v1kt4r 13

who said you have to be a woman to be called a bitch?

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Well #4 used 'she' That usually means female.


lol already 3 YDI's. jeez people. you'll be the ones who make a whole elevator go on auto 10 hour lockdown one day for not following simple instructions

YDI for breaking the door

^^^This guys retarded.^^^ (#7) @ #7: She didn't break it dumbass I love how like 60% of YDI's are from total dumbasses

Vacant 7

Good job feeding the troll...and the original poster is a man.

#15 is an epic fail and is probobably a woman. Troll skills [on] off. Woohoo

#43 No OP is a man. look at the top right corner, it is like that man symbol.

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ouch >.< that must have sucked

Why didnt you just sit down?

Some elevators are really gross and have really dirty floors

Oh fuck, Kuala Lumpur? Let's hope you weren't stuck in an elevator in one of the Petronas Towers...

google = easier than brain transplant.

If I was stuck in there for over 5 minutes I would've pried the doors apart..