By stuckinalift - 18/02/2011 01:31 - United Kingdom

Today, I got stuck in a small elevator. It started to violently judder up and down after I pressed the 'Help' buzzer. The man on the intercom wouldn't stop laughing at how my voice was jumpy from the juddering movements before he called for help. FML
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You have to admit it's funny

I just finished watching the movie "Devil"! I think I'll take the stairs from now on.


You have to admit it's funny

People pay to go to theme parks just to go on giant drop rides. Enjoy the ride, maybe if you ask nicely the elevator guy can give you a picture of your ride as well.

ur my favorite FML guy I see u all the time and u say the best stuff. thank you

aw! poor you!

sue that bitch.

Yeahh, sue that bitch for laughing!! And sue the smallness of the elevator! And the 'help' buzzer! -_-

I'd sue the family of the person who invented elevators! Just think about how many millions of people must be traumatized by the blasted contraptions! It's a shared fear by people across the globe. They must be stopped once and for all!

I would probably shit my pants.

I freak out in elevators as it is, this would just mess me up even more. FYL

same here. I'm terrified of elevators. my parents said the first time I got in an elevator I cried. haha. I still freak out. being stuck in one would traumatize me!

I just finished watching the movie "Devil"! I think I'll take the stairs from now on.

Devils a good movie, confusing, but good.

It was okay. I figured out the end. I've not been pleased with Night's movies lately. "The Lady in the Water" was the worst. And don't get me started on "The Happening" Are you kidding me! All that from the wind!?!?! WTF

M Night tries too hard ever since Sixth Sense. I'm not even mad that you spoiled The Happening for me because I've been turned away from his movies that much that I could care less about an M Night movie after what I've heard about them. Devil was a decent redemption from the Last Airbender though

true sourgirl "the happening" was the worst movie on earth, I went to the movies to go see it and when it was over everybody went to the front to get their money back.

weird... i just watched that I'm more freaked out :(

juddering? you just making up words now and who wouldn't laugh

Juddering is a word though.

I can honestly say I had never heard that word until I read this lol it's an uncommon word I'm assuming? lol

That depends entirely on what you classify as uncommon. It's really just another verb.

At least you weren't stuck in the elevator with M. Night Shyamalan. That would have been unbearable.

Speak of the "Devil". I just watched it 30 minutes ago!

Speak of the "Devil". I just watched it 30 minutes ago!

I'm now scared that I'll get stuck In an elevator ever since I saw Devil.

Omg me too & I only saw the commercials for that movie. Bleh I'm such a scaredy cat. lol. > _ <

Devil was a bad movie IMO. But if you like it then good for you. (: