By Anonymous - 03/11/2009 19:49 - United States

Today, I got stopped at the bank by security for carrying a weapon and threatened to call the police. I had to prove my “metal stick” was not a weapon. I am partially paralyzed in one of my feet and have to walk with a cane. FML
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What dipshit security guard can't recognise a cane?

Are you Dr. Gregory House?


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I didn't know they had mentally challenged security guards

i'm one foot not feet. (just pointing it out, don't get your knickers in a knot.

at first I thought it said mental stick. but then I saw paralyzed and I reread it. damn antiflood! wt... (what the ...


sorry op

What dipshit security guard can't recognise a cane?

how is this an FML? so you had to talk to security boohoo. get a more cane-like cane

I agree there, but more importantly you should sue 'them.

sue? on what grounds? they were a little dumb, ok. but it's not like they tackled op.

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Your retarded.

Are you Dr. Gregory House?

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House would come up with a better FML.

house would be able to write a FML that insults anybody who reads it and makes him look cooler than anyone

#13 said the truth. That post is all you need to read. And poor you not-house-but-the-original-poster.

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Did you pull a "Bruce Lee" on their ass?

i saw that. now its on here! wow

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They do make canes here that can shoot a bullet. A metal cane would raise an eyebrow here in Texas. You should use a nice harmless-looking wooden cane to get around. . . and then bludgeon the security guard when he's not looking. Just for giving you shit.

Just with you, differential anybody? -scribles on the wall- - Paranoia - Delusions

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My ex-girlfriend cheated on me and I'm here to get revenge with a little blackmail.

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