By BoobiePain - 16/10/2014 02:33 - Canada - Saint John

Today, I got stitches in my breast. I never knew how much they jiggled until every bump on the road made my breast feel like it was on fire. FML
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How did you end up needing those...? Sorry about the pain, OP :(


my brain feels like it's on fire trying to figure out your meaning

They're just stitches. After awhile, you go back to get them removed.

#29 I guess it's another stupid shortcut for"truly ****** when" but still not sure

Summer is over, 1. Get back to your homework.

tfw stands for "The Face When". Typically used on forum sites and accompanied with a picture though...

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#68 No it stands for "The feel when" Mfw stands for "My face when".

So #1 is saying "The feel when realizes it cannot be undone" Still doesn't make sense as well as being wrong...

I will try to communicate with OP of the first comment... *ahem, ahem* Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like

Well I thought he was trying to say "titty f*** the world"..... So.....

Would it really have been so hard to just spell out the full words instead of a dumb abbreviation like tfw?

I guess its now booby trapped. Dont kill me im new

I found your sentence punny. I don't know why everybody's being a boob to you.

I'm having the breast time reading comments

How did you end up needing those...? Sorry about the pain, OP :(

Yeah I'm curious to. How does a girl end up needing stitches there? Unless I guess she had implants.

I don't think it was since OP only specified that the stitches were in one breast. Either way, I hope she has a phenomenal sports bra.

Implant the one to balance the boobies.

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My mom had a lump that was going to turn into breast cancer. They had to remove it and she had stitches and there's a permanent scar. I'm assuming something along those lines for OP.

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My mother had breast cancer and had to have both of her breasts removed. Thankfully she is okay but her breasts are long gone, and she has scars across her now implanted breasts from stitches. Not everybody gets implants for cosmetic reasons, #5

OP here - You are correct it was not breast implants. I had to have a Skin Biopsy and it was removed via scalpel. Now I have some lovely and painful stitches in my breast for a week.

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Maybe she got stabbed in the boob because the person that wanted to see her boobs didnt get flashed so he took anger on the boobies and brutally stabbed the boobs. Well...thats in my opinion.

ouch that sounds awful op I hope you get better soon :)

to all all the people liking this comment for the profile picture..... im right there with you

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I do not envy you OP. Hope you heal up soon.

I don't think anyone envies most of these fmls.

Hope you have a speedy recovery! I know how bad just closing one in a drawer can be, so I can only imagine stitches. I hope they're the dissolving ones!

Is that like when a guy is little and drops the toilet seat on his penis?

Ha! My exact question 17. Only that I'm a guy and don't suffer the other accidents you just described.

Haha closing your **** in a drawer? That's crazy. I guess it would be like catching your dick in your zipper.

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21- never did that but I did get it caught in a zipper once...

I was reaching over the dresser to hang something and lost my balance. My fault for not closing the drawer :(

Aaaaaagh #7 that sounds freaking painful! All of a sudden I'm glad I have small boobs.

I don't understand why people would vote she deserved it on this. That sounds extremely painful.

Sometimes people click it just by acident. But there is also the trolls that on click on YDI.

Look on the bright side, at least no one is trying to put a burrito and hot sauce between them.

The burrito caused the whole situation.

Maybe wear two sports bras, I hope the pain gets better OP.

I'd say a regular bra with a sports bra on top or wrap them.