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  christina3466  |  17

My mom had a lump that was going to turn into breast cancer. They had to remove it and she had stitches and there's a permanent scar. I'm assuming something along those lines for OP.

  nataliewby  |  25

My mother had breast cancer and had to have both of her breasts removed. Thankfully she is okay but her breasts are long gone, and she has scars across her now implanted breasts from stitches. Not everybody gets implants for cosmetic reasons, #5

  sammehmac  |  1

OP here - You are correct it was not breast implants. I had to have a Skin Biopsy and it was removed via scalpel. Now I have some lovely and painful stitches in my breast for a week.

  zRatio  |  6

Maybe she got stabbed in the boob because the person that wanted to see her boobs didnt get flashed so he took anger on the boobies and brutally stabbed the boobs. Well...thats in my opinion.

By  nkb94  |  18

Hope you have a speedy recovery! I know how bad just closing one in a drawer can be, so I can only imagine stitches. I hope they're the dissolving ones!