By callie - 18/06/2011 06:08 - United States

Today, I got some really bad mosquito bites on the outside of my thighs. They itched, and my jeans prevented me from scratching them, so I unbuttoned my pants, stuck my down my leg and started scratching. My mom walked in, and won't believe I wasn't masturbating. FML
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well it does count as selfpleasuring...

ok but if it was your outer thigh she should have realized that your handwasnt in your crotch...


well it does count as selfpleasuring...

At least she wasnt holding an electric toothbrush

mmm dont lie OP !!!

systemofadown11 8


is the OP a boy or a girl?

38- girl Well, that situation bites. I can't think of anything that would suck more.

@38: You can have a future career as a pokemon professor. You'll probably also forget your grandson's name. Hint: HIs name is Dicks.

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39 I do not appreciate your double pun.

austinkiser 3

op thats where u show ur bites to her unless u have nothing to show

she probably found it awkward talking to you with an erection.

kellanlvr 1

I kept reading "so I had my mom stick her hand down my pants" but after like the 6th time I read it right >.

63 - OP is a girl. The username says "callie."

69- wow, your stupid.

74, wow, *you're stupid too.

38 oh ya double pun, get down people, get down!!

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Should have told her you were masterbating, thus enabling an awkward, yet, sarcastic moment.

ROFL. That woulda been so awkward... xD

79, *Wow, we're all stupit'!

ummm take off the pants and switch to shorts? sorry OP i know how you feel *scratches leg*

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tell her you have crabs and it's far to itchy to masturbate, perhaps that's more believable then mosquito bitten thighs.....

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wear short shorts

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yes crabs excuse always works! *looks around* not that iv used it.... juz sayin??? lol

you may as well take your shirt off too then.

CrazyEminemFan 2

i honestly love your picture

CaramelRainbows 2

You should walk in on your mom masturbating and insist that she was using your toothbrush.

Screw the toothbrush, bring a camera! Perfect blackmail and then she never has to speak about this to long distance family!

ok but if it was your outer thigh she should have realized that your handwasnt in your crotch...

I believe it would be extremely hard to do in jeans. She's dumb.

ha ha yeah, since when is your vagina on your outer thigh?

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thats what im thinking!

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Maybe her mom just glanced at her and thought that.... Or she has her vagina on her outer thigh...

Hahaha! That is hilarious :'D

your face is hilarious!!!!!

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tell her you were rubbing your bites from last night

Dirty Boy (; lol.

The moans of pleasure you were making made it hard to believe you.

it's also awkward when you have the bottle of lotion beside you

Tell her: if I want to masturbate I will wether you like it or not, bitch