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  wlddog  |  14

I dont believe that 55.
Getting drunk does not magically make you do random things. Of all the times I was smashed, I never did anything I secretly didnt already want to do.
Yes you make made dumb decisions when intoxicated, but you are still the one making the choice.
Unless of course that choice is to have perfect balance. That is not always a choice.

  snakerake  |  10

I get why you think that. I thought that way for awhile too. Then I got blackout drunk a couple times and was told of what I did. I had no recollection of what happened and felt like a dick for some things, but it's not an excuse. You may not be in control at that moment, but you let yourself get out of control. That is your fault

  OptimusVader  |  23

In my opinion, any FML that contains the phrase "I got drunk and..." is an automatic 'you deserved it.' The entire situation could've been avoided if OP would've avoided alcohol. There, problem magically solved. Plus he would still be able to procreate.

  Czech_Zidane  |  14

Not even "avoided alcohol" needed. One should "drink like a cow" - that is one Czech proverb we use, translated it would sound like that: "Always drink like a cow. The cow always know, when enough is enough."

  amDes  |  11

Who else would being a teaser to a party? A good ole party animal that's who! "I brought the beer pong table and teaser! Who has the chip dip and bear spray?!"

  MrConcise  |  34

If you're drinking, you're probably not drinking alone. What the guy did was a definite YDI and entirely idiotic, but chances are there were some spectators. You don't do "jokes" for yourself.

By  Dean3000  |  6

Normally FML's are based around unfortunate circumstances that everyday people encounter - but this one is something that the guy did to himself, and thought it was a joke?!

Not to sound like a Moral Crusader, but the standard on here is slipping. Pity.