By lprocter1982 - 08/11/2011 03:17 - Canada

Today, I got shot at. Not by police, but by a hunter. While at work. Driving a garbage truck. How the hell a hunter mistook an orange-clad garbageman in a truck for a deer is beyond me. FML
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"There's a rare orange buck driving that garbage truck! Tricky bastard's got a good costume..."

The hell?!? Were you driving through the woods??


"There's a rare orange buck driving that garbage truck! Tricky bastard's got a good costume..."

Deers driving trucks, that's something you see everyday eh?

I drove by that bastard the other day, maybe he thought it was me again in camoflauge?

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Your picture explains it all.

robincakes94 8

I think Op has it all wrong. It's obvious the hunter thought that he was a tiger, and Tony the tiger has proven to us that tigers can talk, walk, and drive trucks I guess...

"God dammit Dick Cheney! I thought you learned your lesson the first time!"

Dammit 55 you said what I was going to

Is that a deer in a garbage truck??? Nope, Chuck Testa

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He didnt

The hell?!? Were you driving through the woods??

No, he was driving on the beach.

KittyJay 3

Yes he was.... Deer recycle too... -_-

We wear camouflage so they wear orange jackets. It's the perfect disguise...

Did you attempt to thow him in the back of the garbage truck after mistaking him for (white) trash?

No, but the ones who shoot at garbage men probably are.

this story would be better if you were a deer, because a deer driving a garbage truck would be so awesome. it would also be a pretty good story for the hunter too, hunting an animal that's smart enough to drive a garbage truck is pretty impressive and dangerous

It also would've been better if the OP didn't abuse periods to try to make the story funnier. It doesn't.

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31- you were just itching to point that out at the first opportunity you got, weren't you?

"Look at that deer driving a garbage truck!" "NOPE. Chuck Testa!"

Lol this sounded like something Mitch Hedberg would say.

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31, Not for humor, for emphasis. 78, "I saw a wino eating grapes, and I was like, 'Dude, you have to wait.' " I miss that guy ):

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More like Dick Cheney.

Maybe he just hates garbage men? Or the colour orange?

No just... No

Maybe he went past his garbage and forgot to take it.

Perhaps he was traumatized by Murray and Oscar from Sesame Street as a child.

My guess is that Dick Cheney went to Canada for a hunting trip.

Hey:) when life hands ME lemons I ask for salt and tequila:)

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Well if you wore camo instead, he wouldn't of been able to see you or shot at you

*wouldn't have (not wouldn't of) It's a common mistake ^^

9 - It's not common practice to wear camouflage in place of a high-vis jacket when working around vehicles. Also, camouflage doesn't magically make you invisible. It helps to make you less visible in a suitable environment but you're still visible to anyone who isn't blind.

Also in Canada you are required to wear hunters orange in the woods, even if you aren't hunting, during the hunting season.

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He was drinking and hates garbage men.?

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He was just that drunk. Being drunk + gun = awesomeness