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  jessBeAqueen  |  13

part 2 of fifty shades of food. chapter 5... as the sandwich began seducing OP by stripping off her already revealing wrapping, she gently caressed the cookies two perfectly rounded chocolaty chips and made them melt and ooze in her mouth. the cookie then reached between her buns and began playing with the sandwiches pink tender meat causing her to drip condiments....I should totally write a book lol

  \  |  28

Hey, why else is it called "foodporn?"

  Queensland  |  27

#77 $5 USD is $5.54 AUD, turns out to be more expensive still. And I know about the deal it's in Brisbane too, but that's only for a limited time :/
Edit: #85 footlongs here are $10 at least.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Not really. Few things are worse than not being able to stick it in all the way for fear of hurting someone,
or the woman gasping in horror as you whip it out and she realizes that it's too big.