By Anonymous - 20/08/2013 22:46 - United Kingdom - Sheffield

Today, I got sexual tingles while watching a Subway worker assemble my sandwich. FML
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JoeGrant 12

Hey, the way they lay that meat on there, sexy as anything else.

frozenfreeze 5

There's a reason it's called the $5 footlong.


JoeGrant 12

Hey, the way they lay that meat on there, sexy as anything else.

carina_47 16

Sigmund Freud would've been so proud :-)

"And now for the pulled pork." "Ooooh shiiiiit. Yesssss. Don't stop!!!!!"

And when they tell you that you get to choose your own condiments..oh god, i lose it.

Then the cookie at the end, OH YEAH!

Guess that footlong gave OP his own footlong

part 2 of fifty shades of food. chapter 5... as the sandwich began seducing OP by stripping off her already revealing wrapping, she gently caressed the cookies two perfectly rounded chocolaty chips and made them melt and ooze in her mouth. the cookie then reached between her buns and began playing with the sandwiches pink tender meat causing her to drip condiments....I should totally write a book lol

Are you George from Seinfeld??

I don't know if I'm hot and bothered by this, Or if it's just some type of weird food craving.

Wow 47, good one!!

47 just gave me a hunger boner

Kallian_fml 21

Please tell me the person making your sandwich was attractive at least?

I mean who looks at their face. 100% attention on the sub

ariiewilliams 17

You got to admit subway makes some pretty sexy ass sandwiches.

\ 28

Hey, why else is it called "foodporn?"

Was it a meatball sandwich then?;)

we don't want to rule out the power of Hot Dogs!

90- they don't make hot dog sandwiches...

frozenfreeze 5

There's a reason it's called the $5 footlong.

$5?!?! In Australia a six inch is $7, and that's with a discount!

AboveAll04 14

I'll give you six inches for free :)

#42 they started some combo 6 inch deal here for $5 (only for some subs) (I'm in Melbourne so most of them are around $7 for 6 inch.)

bfsd42 20

Australian dollar does not equal American dollar.

#46 6 inches isn't very impressing though...

I live in America, and there are only three $5 footings. All other footlings are $7

#77 $5 USD is $5.54 AUD, turns out to be more expensive still. And I know about the deal it's in Brisbane too, but that's only for a limited time :/ Edit: #85 footlongs here are $10 at least.

46- I don't know why you got downvoted I'm laughing like a fucking hyena from the Lion King

Nothing sexier than a footlong of meat.

I'm satisfied with a 6 inch. :P

^ You are missing out!

RedPillSucks 31

Not really. Few things are worse than not being able to stick it in all the way for fear of hurting someone, or the woman gasping in horror as you whip it out and she realizes that it's too big.

suboy 10

Good job keeping up the ambiguity 75.

hey, who wouldn't be turned on by a footlong? ;)

I completely understand

Jake_Hale 7

Hey subway sandwiches are kind of hot ;)

Jake_Hale 7

Not to mention they have a good amount of protein inside ;)

vde_fml 15

I came here for this :_) Thanks

Especially toasted...mmmmm

Oh man. Just wait till you eat that sandwich. You'll have an orgasm.

Correction: foodgasm.

Not just KFC that's 'Finger Lickin' Good'