By Anonymous - United States - Fairfield
Today, I got rear-ended. An old woman got out and came over to my car window. I thought she was coming to apologize and trade insurance companies. Instead, she poured her soda on my head, ran back into her car, and drove away. FML
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  chatoyant_fml  |  12

Wow! I would've been so mad! Just like #11 said hope you got her license plate, not sure about your laws but in sweden she would've lost her license since she ran from the accident.

  MDTeddy  |  13

I hope you got the license number. That women has a dildo up her butt. It might be a good thing for some people, but imagine one that just hurt all the time.

  MochiDango  |  4

This old woman hit my car like six times, and nearly hit my dog who was nearby. I didn't care, I flipped her off as she sped away (not because of my car, it wasn't that nice of a car, but because she almost killed my dog.)

By  blacksswan  |  10

Damn you just got outrun by some old woman. Why didn't you get out and chase her?

Or at least followed her car as she drove away...

I feel bad for you OP. Very Bad.

  annie_nk  |  22

I hope he did too. Besides her being at fault for rear ending someone, she's also at fault for a hit and run and possibly assault. Doesn't matter if she's a granny, that's unacceptable from anyone.