By Jbs4lf - 27/12/2011 03:15 - Belgium

Today, I got punched in the face by a drunk because I couldn't give him any cigarettes. I don't smoke. FML
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Wow... Whoever said YDI is a jerk. Apparently they deserved to get punched in the face for not basically sucking on cancer.

Damn drunks!


Good on you for not smoking. You didn't deserve that.

fwoodgirl12 0

Wow..drunks are retarded lol

stevenJB 25

Ciggarrettes and achohol are no-no's!!!

Hey if I couldn't have my usual glass of scotch and Cuban cigar at the end of the day I would kick a puppy...

Therapy, like honest work is for the down trodden and weak

If I'm going to pay someone too make me feel better we are not going to be talking ;)

p.s ignorance is bliss :D

59, I thought you would have figured out by the second comment that this person was joking.

I did realize but I thought ehhh just go with it

ninjuh_wingman 29

He figured that since you didnt give him a light he'd knock out yours.

Good for you, no yellow teeth

The best form of justice for this situation would be to ram a lit cigar up the jerks asshole :D

I'm in the violent part of FML again..

wow that sucks, on the bright side, your lungs are healthy. see i dont smoke but i do dip and damn its funny whatchin a drunk try to dip

Your in a violent world my friend

That's no excuse - get him some!! Lol