By beer guy - 01/12/2010 05:12

Today, I got punched in the back by elderly woman because she thought I was mocking the way she walked as I passed her. I was walking funny because I have a brace-boot on my foot due to the fact that it got run over. FML
I agree, your life sucks 35 000
You deserved it 2 479

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skyeyez9 24

I would have acted like I was in terrible pain, fake some tears, called the police for assault and press charges. Teach the old bag to keep her hands to herself. Just because you're old, doesn't give you the right to hit people.

Old people suck. Except my grandma & grandpa (a)


I'm sure that elderly ladies don't punch hard enough for this to be an FML...

smokeymcpottt 3

I got pushed by an old lady, trying to help her with the groceries. Stupid ungrateful ass had an arm on her. She must've been a lesbian.

damn grannies think the world revolvers around them just cause they were around during the war.

Well I would've stuck my brace-bootied foot right up her ass. Then we can see who walks funny.

This reminds of the Seinfeld episode where Jerrys foot falls asleep and he stands up and walks around to wake it up and the store owner who had a limp walks in and thinks Jerrys mocking him, so he flips out.

iTaylor 0

she was probably the one who ran you over and is coming back to GET CHA!!

haha that sucks

Slim_Shadyy_fml 0

See? This is why people should never trust old people...

cdatribe23 0

and that's why we put them in home haha

wonder how ur foot got run over..... beer guy

my thoughts exactly...

That's assault. Lay a charge against her, if you can find her.

no kidding, old people just expect to get away with shit. they deserve to be put in their place

YDI for wearing a brace

You are a total ass op got hurt what is your problem

That's like saying Le troll: "YDI for blinking idiot"

BeRealz 0

Show her the brace, you idiot.

ya and take your good foot to kick her in the ass

well, he can show her the brace but he wouldve got punched by then xD

turkey slap

Old people suck. Except my grandma & grandpa (a)

Fuck the elderly. They're all going to die soon, so why get attached?

amayaa_fml 7

haha that wasn't brash at all

RedPillSucks 31