By Anonymous / Tuesday 27 March 2012 02:36 / Canada - Surrey
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  beccaishereyay  |  11

You should definitely look lol. Probably the only understandable chance your gonna get to sneak a peak. ;) probably look good after the boob job. Just don't look at her face haha

  ladyLALAA  |  28

I say good on her, you should ask for a look! Before everyone says gross if she paid for a boob job chances are they'll be looking good... Trust me you don't spend 12k for nothing!


Sadly 64 there's a thing called gravity which catches up to top heavy women quite quickly. Having large tits that sag a bit doesn't make your life suck. Just means you need a better bra.

  docscientist  |  9

11- there are some really young looking 60yr olds without any plastic surgery. I'm still rather young and 60 year olds aren't my thing, but many age rather gracefully....many do not.

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