By aridaley - 21/05/2011 23:33 - United States

Today, I got piss drunk. Being a tattoo artist, I came to the intoxicated conclusion that I could save much more money doing my own tattoos on myself. I now have my ex boyfriend's name permanently on my thigh. It's not even spelled right. FML
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Never drink alcohol again, please. You obviously can't handle it. YDI.

Even intoxicated, why the hell would you want an ex's name tattooed on you? That's a different level than piss drunk stupid.


Never drink alcohol again, please. You obviously can't handle it. YDI.

ahh alcohol the cause of and solution to all of life's problems.

You need to get over your ex and not drown your feelings with alcohol.

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next entry will be Today, I got piss drunk and thought it'd be a good idea to go to work. It wasn't. FML...

The OP should've tatooed "I'm a dumbass" on their thigh.

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You don't have his name on your thigh. You have a similar name on your thigh. Now pretend that it's this really awesome prince charming when somebody asks at the beach

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smoke weed it's better ... if you don't believe me check out my profile or go to

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Ok, I'm all for the legalization of weed, but dude, really?

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don't feed the trollz....even if you like weed

If you being a tattooartist you sound pretty unserious, since a serious and well-educated artist never would tattoo anyone with alcohol in their blood, nevertheless spell it wrong. Sorry but you just sound like another idiot with a machine calling themselves an artist.

Even intoxicated, why the hell would you want an ex's name tattooed on you? That's a different level than piss drunk stupid.

maybe a memory. if my boyfriend ever dies or leaves me i'm getting a tattoo that reminds me of him- he's a big part of my life and i love him very much. but i'd never be stupid enough to get his name!

Wait, what? I understand the 'I'm going to get a tattoo to remind me of my dead boyfriend' thing a little, but getting a tattoo when your boyfriend leaves you? Why would you want to remind that?

I wish you could find out how crazy someone is before you become too involved. that's even on the verge of creepy.

shakethat 10

really 34? WTF. getting a tattoo to remember your bf left you is pretty creepy. just as bad as getting his name. I feel sorry for him- I bet once he leaves you you're going to start stalking him and everything.

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They may have been friends since they were little and then started dating. She said he's a big part of her life. Maybe he saved it at one point. Granted, any future boyfriends/fiancé's/husbands probably won't like it.

actually he thinks it's a sweet idea. like i said- it's a reminder of what's important to me. sorry if none of you have hearts or someone you always want to remember.

and there will hopefully be no future boyfriends. he has stated he wants to be with me the rest of his life. but i'm thinking realistically, even if you marry someone it doesn't guarantee in the end you'll stay together. and 91 is correct. maybe people should get the full story before they acuse people of being a stalker and such and make themselves look like dicks.

maybe they're intoxicated while trying to get over the ex?

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Exactly, you are what's wrong with America.

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75, among MANY other things

iReadFmlsFml 0

75, among MANY other things.

a lot is wrong with America, sure, but a lot isn't wrong with it too.

Yeah, god is such an idiot! He didnt even have the balls to make judgement day actually happen yesterday.

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she spelled 'spelled' correctly. 'spelt' isnt even a word

lmao now that's funny! wait I shouldn't be taking, I typed areed instead of agreed! lmao

*talking! look at me, ima a wreck and a stupid typer!

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actually, ignoring the commonly used meaning of the word in british english, spelt is still a word.

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I'm pretty sure "spelt" and "spelled" are both words. They're just from two different forms of English.

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Alas, you are idiots, so watch me make jest of your stupidity and insufferable presumption that "spelt"

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is not a word. Sorry people, my iPods ****** so you get one message for the price of two.

"Spelt" is, in fact, two words. Not only is it the past tense of "spelled", but it is also a species of wheat. My question for you: is "dumbass" a word?

guess you shouldn't have drank so much..

Blame it on the ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-alcohol.

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Hey, your a tattoo artist..change his name to a picture or something and be creative! ;)

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Oooohhh. That sucks. I'm sorry but I laughed so hard. FYL.

don't drink alcohol if you cannot handle it. YDI.

You need friends to drink with. Serious ones, who even in a heavy state of intoxication, will discourage you from such idiotic behavior.

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Yeah, I agree. Once you reach a certain state of drunkenness, you're really a hazard to yourself.

Most friends usually enjoy the pleasure of not being "that person", so they let it continue.