By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Frome
  Today, I got permission from my parents for my boyfriend to stay over. Things got intimate, and I tried my hardest not to make too much noise. However, while having a post-sex cuddle, we heard my parents in the next room muttering about my "faking". FML
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  BubbleGrunge  |  18

Seems to me that OP wasn't faking; if you fake it you can probably keep the noise level down. However, if its real good, good luck keeping control of your mouth!

  jojimugo  |  20

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  AVanilla  |  8

Fair enough, but shouldn't OP have enough respect for her parents to sleep together with her bf but not have sex in their house or at least not have sex when her parents sleep in the room next to her own?

  mb2_native  |  15

14, my girlfriend lives 40 mins away and I stay here all the time, her parents even mimic on what they think I do and it's pretty funny actually :p not all parents are uptight :p

  joshiepo0  |  18

Not everybody is against sex. Some parents actually talk to their kid and trust them. In Europe sleeping over is common because the attitude towards sex is much more positive while the consequences of sex are less prevelent.

  7yzz  |  18

@14 parents that arent childish enough to think they can stop older teens from getting intimate. I hate to see what a pathetic over protective parent you'll make. As for OP, thats the risk you take when you have sex while your parents are home, let alone in the next room. However i wont say you deserve it, my parents have heard my girlfriend's screams more times than i can count...

  Ariana386  |  3

Probably ones that realize she is human n sex is a very"human" need... But judging by your level of grouch-dom, ours a needed you haven't between partaking of enough lately, or u wouldn't be such a judgemental Can't Understand Normal Thinking. Ijs

By  tishtashbat  |  16

Were you faking? :P

On the plus side, although they heard you, they didn't barge in on you to stop it or anything... they don't sound too bothered, which is good for you. Although you probably shouldn't have sex with them in the next room if you don't want them to know about it.

By  LovesSushi  |  25

Why have there been so many fmls regarding people asking for permission for their boyfriend/girlfriend to stay the night? Am I the only person that finds this odd?

  yoursucklives  |  36

if the parents make such a rule, it isn't odd.
i don't have to ask for permission if my bf or other friends stay over, but they want me to tell them at least. maybe op is a under 18 or the parents just have strict rules.

  yoursucklives  |  36

well my parents don't mind if i have sex with my boyfriend in my room, they rather have me have it there than somewhere in the woods or something. so i think op's parents are, if she's over 18, are strict.

and 19), i don't know when you had that boyfriend and how long you were together, but you're only 17. i can understand that your parents were strict at first, but if they still insisted that you don't touch at all after while, that's more than overprotective.

  sourgirl101  |  28

I never had problems spending the night over my boyfriend's (now husband's) house. But then again, my in-laws were raised by flower children and viewed sex differently.
I haven't crossed that bridge with my kids yet. Not sure which route I'll take when they start asking about over night guests. My instinct is to say "No fricken way!!" But I know my husband will think otherwise.

  Chel2010  |  10

I'm 21, and before I moved out a few months ago I would still ask my parents if a friend or my boyfriend could stay the night. When he came over, we were respectful and didn't have sex. I know they didn't care as long as we were quiet, but I was just happy he was over. My parents weren't very strict, they raised my brother and I to be respectful.

  SamCat  |  21

I used to permission as well, we were 19 and now married. But out of respect towards their home, we would sleep (stay) on the couches in the living room watching movies. We would never have sex in their presence.

  ahc123  |  4

Yea haha EXACTLY what I was thinking......idk about most of u guys but my parents are still giving me the whole "no sex before marriage" talk......

  Anikaaaaa  |  31

It really bothers me that people seem to think that having sex in the parents' house means that you don't respect your parents. My parents don't mind at all, and they are happy as long as I'm safe, and I love and respect them very much. My boyfriend and I have sex in our parents' houses, and it's not disrespectful.