By poorpony - 29/11/2018 14:00

Today, I got on an elevator with a couple that started fighting about which sex outfit the guy should wear for their next roleplay. When they couldn't decide, they proceeded to show me all of the photos, including a My Little Pony outfit. I had to go up the next 22 floors with them. FML
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And? Which one did you pick?

I’m guessing the awkward sex conversation with a stranger is their actual turn on and not the roleplay itself. Or maybe both.


Doug Ggg 3

So, you got on an elevator. Then a couple started arguing about something. They decided they couldn't agree. Then proceeded to show you several pictures. All within the 30 seconds an elevator takes to go 20 floors. Was there some person winding the elevator up by hand that took 10 minutes?

mccuish 25

Makes me wonder which outfit they chose

Sometimes it's ok to say 'fuck off'

which is where you get out of the lift

ozie_bear 6

Must have been a very slow elevator ..

ViviMage 38

Get off the elevator and wait for the next one!

zeam5555 1

you should of asked if you could join in the whole thing was staged. they were looking for someone to have fun with.