By King7 - Pakistan
Today, I got on a treadmill for the first time. I was running at a very high speed. I needed a break but didn't know how to get off. I decided to just let the machine take me to the edge so I could get off. I was thrown off the treadmill and landed with my happy sacks crashing into a dumbbell. FML
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  kablamo123123  |  0

you because he never said your or you're in his comment.
he said you were.

anyways, isn't there that clip that attaches to your shirt that has a string on it that attaches to the machine, and when you go back a certain amount of distance, the string pulls out a plastic thing that gets the machine to stop slowly?

  proudtobeme  |  0

Actually, his comment ends with "your dumb, YDI," so she was actually right on that one.

You are, however, right about the clips, but not every treadmill has that feature. Still, I would think that the OP would find a way to turn it off before actually getting onto it. o.O

  kablamo123123  |  0

Yes tinkerbell you were first...

Dude thats just awesome man...

#3 - On 01/09/2010 at 2:19pm by RetardedBuddy - reply
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that's all it says for me....sooo unless i get different versions of comments...?

By  CinderChicken  |  0

You deserve it for calling them happy sacks. Besides, almost every treadmill I've seen has an emergency stop button or at least room on either side of the track where you can plant your feet without falling like a fool.
And also, if it's the first time, ever or in a while, start out slow and make sure you know how to operate the equipment!
You sir, are an idiot.

  gigi37  |  0

Yep, totally agree with CinderChicken.
So, OP, if you were "running at a very high speed," wouldn't the button to increase your speed also have a decrease button? Right beneath it?
And you also thought that the treadmill going at a high speed would casually take you to the edge?