By nameless - United Kingdom
Today, I got on a bus that was so overcrowded I had to stand next to the driver with nothing to hang on to. A drunk man got on and for the rest of the half hour journey continuously fell on me, when I got off he smiled and told me as the doors were closing "the last twelve times was for fun." FML
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If the man would have done it by accident every time, then yes that would have been quite irritating, but he did it as a joke so I think OP should have taken it as a joke too and laughed it off. xD I know there are alot of sour people that would let this ruin their day, but I am not one of those people so I would have just laughed it off! :P

  KiddNYC1O  |  20

I disagree, 23. If it was by was accident every time, I'd be laughing. If he was playing around the whole time, I'd make sure at the next stop I give him a swift kick in the ass as the doors are closing leaving his ass outside.


Point made :p .. Haha, drunken idiots are pretty funny, but this guy was on a bus. I'm straight edge so I get just a little upset when people are drunk in these settings. If he was at a party or at home then OK, but this guy was on a bus so it would irritate me. >.< Honestly this is a dead end conversation because I still think a joke would be more funny than some irresponsible, drunk moron that isn't considerate of others! xD