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Today, I got my yearbook. My sister and I are identical twins, and we realized only my sister had a picture in it. When we asked the head of yearbook, they said they thought it was the same girl trying to get two pictures, so they put in the prettier one. FML
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And they didn't think to ask either one of you?

Wouldn't they check if both names are in the school system first?


And they didn't think to ask either one of you?

The teacher of the yearbook class at my school thought to get the photos off of a camera you were supposed to plug the battery into the SD card reader. then she asked my friend why it wasn't working. It's like no shit dipwad the battery is half the size of the reader itself... Anyways point is, there are stupid people in this world, and making the mistake in this FML would be an improvement over the ditz that lead the yearbook at my school.

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People will look in the yearbook and basically see a better looking version of you... Great way to be remembered. But if you REALY want to change that just go to your dean.

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They won't reprint the yearbook. At best they will reprint the page and distribute it to everyone to stick into the yearbook if they choose/remember. At least my high school did that when they forgot the field hockey teams photo and they cried about it.

This actually happened to trends of mine who are identical twins and all she got was a little sticker of her picture to put in pepple's yearbooks

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Aren't peoples names distributed with the picture? They didn't think to check that the names were different?

In my school there is this set of twins. They are both gross. One is hotter because I've never had to be near her, while the other on annoys the shot out of me every day. Tl;dr: im bitching.

I am a twin, I hope I'm the hotter one. Then again, my twin is a guy...

Complain. You're a girl, they should listen.

haha #93, I'm dating a twin, and you're definitely right (for the record, I think my boyfriend's the hotter one, just in case there was any confusion).

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I can't tell if you're joking or illiterate.

there* The word is actually in the post at the top of the page.

Don't worry OP, ugly kids usually end up getting hot after school! Haven't you heard that story about the duckling?

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If you are a model, then a picture of a 13-year-old doing the 'trying to be sexy and have my finger in my mouth' isn't a suitable look, in my opinion. I know that I do not want to see a 13-year-old kid trying to look like a pornstar!

63 - With the way this generation turned out, I honestly would not be surprised if her aspirations were pornstar.

Says the guy who can't even spell "You" and "are".

Wouldn't they check if both names are in the school system first?

the year book committee doesn't always check that especially if they're twins that have similar names in my school they misspell my name every year because I have a less common spelling

#30 u kno tht u can file a big lawsuite against them, if they do it everytime. .....

#42 On what grounds would you file this frivolous law suit? I'm sorry lawsuite? "face palm"

42 should suite whomever was responsible for teaching him how to spell.

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Suite is a bedroom. You are looking for suit, which is a "tux" or something that works for someone.

Well op should look the bright side, She will be remembered as her (her identical probably better looking sister's) look at that book for the rest of her life by her old school/class mates So I select YDI for this one sir.

#79 Did that joke (albeit a bad one) board a plane to go that far over your head?

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Did the fact that sometimes comments appear without the person know it. I was replying to the person about the "suite the person who taught me how to spell."

But that comment had been in response to the person who said to "lawsuite" the school. Also I'm a bit unclear on what the first half of your comment was supposed to say.

I was in the yearbook committee seems like the yearbook staff were too lazy to actually check all the names and also realize hey there are twins at this school how ridiculous. They should be more professional but maybe they really didn't care. I know I didn't but i still atleast tried. Your school sucks op. sorry :(

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You, and your causing everyone to google, and learn new words.

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He's asking whether they're identical or fraternal twins

Liar! He's asking of which Pokemon species they belong to!

"My sister and I are identical twins." Hmm I dunno...

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I didn't even have to look up that word to figure out it's meaning. "Di" as in "two", "zyg" as in "zygote", as in what a fertilized egg turns into, "otic" as in something blah blah That's why I love the English language and its seemingly arbitrary spellings. You can learn a lot about a word by how it's spelled.

Stupidity pisses me off, I feel bad for you

I feel bad for everyone involved in the decision to only choose one. I mean, they're soooooo stupid. Poor things :(

Yep I love boobs. I'm lucky to be female. Free feel!

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shugacube, I'ts never the same when you're feeling yourself up. You should out-source. I believe I can be the lowest bidder. Yours truly, Herv McPerv.

Oxymoron due to stereotyping. Anymore sarcastic responses I can interpret for you?

Very clever, trying to put two different pictures of yourself in the yearbook under two different names.

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I would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those meddling kids and their dumb dog!

At least the yearbook people THOUGHT they were doing a nice thing.

No they thought they were foiling some girls plan to get in the yearbook twice.

Based on what do you come up with the conclusion that makes you "sure" that OP is prettier?

I'm sure she's not. Evidently. That's why her sister picture was chosen. God can't people read these days?

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#51 9 is probably one of those people who says things to make people feel better even when it's not true.

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And is that wrong? It would be quite rude to say 'Sorry that you are ugly as a dog, OP.'. There's nothing wrong with nice, positive people.

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I know identical twins and one was prettier than the other. However, as identical twins it might have simply been one took a better picture than the other.

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Or when they're on Kindness is generally frowned upon here.

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If it was her picture that was put in the year book instead of her twin's, you would've said "I'm sure you're prettier" to her twin as well.. and since you don't know what either of them look like, it's safe to conclude that you're full of ****. You're probably just trying to be nice though, but I was just sayin..

Uh yeah I was just trying to be that seriously a crime though?

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Yes. Because saying, "You're beautiful" to someone just because it would "be nice" is not helping the situation. She might not be beautiful.

Well I'm not gonna say sorry your an ugly bitch. I'm gonna comfort them as much as I can. Damn people be hatin on my nice personality

HannahWho 8

I am not saying don't be nice, and I am not hating on your "nice personality." I am saying that throwing out false words like "I am sure you are beautiful too" and "You're so beautiful" does nothing. She might not be.

I'm just trying to be nice to her so she knows that not everyone are inconsiderate assholes..and I prob made a grammar mistake so sorry for that

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Wow that's stupid. Ud have 2 different names.

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Damn people be so rude on here..people just tryna cheer OP up and haters keep hatin

The head of the yearbook committee is too stupid to know there is a set of twins in school?!

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24, true, but you'd think there would be one guy on the yearbook committee that would have at least noticed cute twins in their grade. I know the Hildebrandt twins never got missed in the yearbook, even though they didn't socialize much.