By Anonymous - 18/05/2013 19:27 - Mexico - Celaya

Today, I got my third promotion at work in as many years. My husband congratulated me very briefly, before asking if this meant he no longer had to look for a job. FML
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Say yes, but that means he's gonna have to do the dishes, make the food, and do all the other household chores. That should set him right.

Well someone needs a change in mentality.


Well someone needs a change in mentality.

Lazguil_fml 18

Same idea ;)

#4: That's not a change in mentality.

#13 I'm a guy.....

#13: It's sexism both ways, and there is no need to be bitter. I'd like to think we've grown out of such traditional ideals, but you managed to bring it up anyway.

Reply by asking if that means you can not give him any of the extra money you got from the promotion.

mmizbbz210 13

although this situation is different and he was most likely making a statement like that out of laziness, my fiance and I share whatever money we get because couple's who are commited like that should look at it as"their" money not individually.

23, That depends on the couple. If, say, one of them can't control how much he/she spends, it'll be better if other person controls finances and hands out the allowance.

mmizbbz210 13

yes. i would absolutely agree with that.

Say yes, but that means he's gonna have to do the dishes, make the food, and do all the other household chores. That should set him right.

Add to that foot rubs with a daily pampering session and he'll be off to find a job of his own in no time.

And he should ask before spending money because she'd be making all of it.

How evil...I love it.

Oh my, these double standards.

If a working husband said that to a stay at home Mom or Wife he would get villafied (spl?) here.

Like it would be sexist if that father was working and the mother wasn't, and you'd tell the mother that she'd better be working in the kitchen and doing the laundry.

Plus there are those families where the father might not be making enough or may have lost his job so the mother gets a job as well to support the family. However if the father gets the necessary raise or his job back it would be okay for the mother to quit hers.

I personally would rather just do the household chores than work 8+ hours a day

Maybe he's mad bc you're getting promotions and he doesn't have a job. His pride is probably hurt. He's still being a baby though.

Not mad, just lazy.

Almost as lazy as #5 when it comes to spelling the word because.

I guess he's not too enthusiastic about finding a job, but hey, congratulations on your promotion. :)

Surely with such a distinguished position in the company you can put in a good reference for him!

I wouldn't really want to work with my significant other. Certain places you want it to just remain yours.

Wealthyparrot 9

Tell him that he has to stop looking, and actually FIND one.

To find, one must first look... If he stops looking then he will never find.

hanacurse 11

Cut him off from your money for a little while, and show him how much he depends on you.

That wouldn't end well...

loveingit 7

Post said husband the money would be joint not the owner of who "worked" for it. But if that was not the law how would it work? You eat dinner but hubby gets no food as you cut him off?

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Logical question... otherwise the PS3 will get dusty.

Sorry to stereotype but I didn't know there was such a thing as a lazy Mexican.