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  Kervik  |  0

If you are - for example - helpful towards a customer in the workplace, the customer might give you a little bit of unguaranteed money for helping out. I believe that's what a tip is.

Just Wikied Mentos, they don't look very nice. O_o

  So_Yeah  |  0

Australians don't tip!!! We have a decent minimum wage and don't need tipping, and only do so at restaurants when the service is exceptional and that is only very, very rarely. OP should have been thankful for having a halfway decent customer.

  frolick123  |  0

i think she is using a play on words i think she means they suggested mentos or gave her mentos because she has bad breath. tip as in advice not as in tipping a waitress... or at least this was my take in it otherwise its not really an fml

  luckyducky123  |  0

I think you're the one who is retarded. Learn to spell properly, please. You sound like a 12 year old. Unless that's what you are. Either way, pathetic.

OP, that sucks. Even if your breath does stink and it was a subtle hint, it was still rude of them not to leave a tip, even if it was a smaller than what you would normally get for a tip because of your breath. Don't worry, you'll get one of those tables where they tip you a lot more than they should and it will make up for it.

EDIT: Haha, I was only a year off. You are a 13 year old. But I was wrong about one thing, I totally thought you were a girl. Oops.

  Stotan1228  |  0

agree haha. shit kid when you get a job you'll learn that money is always better than "sweeties." maybe batman will pepper spray you for your first tip.