By damnit - Australia
Today, I got my first tattoo. It's a large broadsword which runs the length of my spine. I went home to show it off and learned that the hilt on my neck looks just like a penis when the rest of it is covered with my shirt. FML
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  she_says  |  0

who gives a shit if someone replies so they can be at the top? i dont understand why everyone flips a bitch over it. who fucking cares. just lift you finger to scroll down the damn page an inch further.. it takes more effort to write an entire complaint instead of GETTING THE FUCK OVER IT.

  alicks_fml  |  0

Hey dude, since you've already got a big dick tattooed on your back, you might as well go the whole nine and have it shooting a blood-load or something out like Cock Chestnar does. Red Dragons!

  raybury  |  2

Excpet if you are physically female, and getting gender reassignment surgery to "become" male. Then you want something exactly like a penis attached to your body.

  eliz3  |  0

not too many people have dirty minds? I think the real issue is the fact you don't need to have a dirty mind to recognise a penis on someones back.