By damnit - 25/08/2009 06:44 - Australia

Today, I got my first tattoo. It's a large broadsword which runs the length of my spine. I went home to show it off and learned that the hilt on my neck looks just like a penis when the rest of it is covered with my shirt. FML
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MaddogTotten 0

Haha, penis. You really should make sure that nothing you permanently attach to your body looks in any way like a penis, in any context. Sorry but YDI.


HahaYDI 0

I third that statement

YDI... and: pics or it didn't happen

Quit replying to the 1st post just to get attention.

yea give us pics, i wanna see the sword lol

dude_stfu 0

YDI for getting a fucking sword on your back... Who does that anyways? Are you like weirdly obsessed with Lord of the rings or something?

kearabo 0

get long hair?

she_says 0

who gives a shit if someone replies so they can be at the top? i dont understand why everyone flips a bitch over it. who fucking cares. just lift you finger to scroll down the damn page an inch further.. it takes more effort to write an entire complaint instead of GETTING THE FUCK OVER IT.

Yeah definitely YDI for getting such a douche tattoo

great_guy 0

Get another tattoo of a lady sucking the tip... that would look really cool... don't ya think?

iiNsTinK 0

epic fail. i wanna see a pic of this "sword"

penis neck... fyl

mo_the_owl 0


tinyphreak 0

More like... "Ctrl+Z?"

you must be a windows person or it'd be command Z. damn windows...

fmlfmlfml15 0

Helloooooooo turtlenecks!!!!!

MarioandSonic 8

pictures or it didn't happen.

ouch. Check your designs next time.

wazdog 4


you like it dont you

Brock Lesnar shares your pain.

you sir, are a legend.

Hey dude, since you've already got a big dick tattooed on your back, you might as well go the whole nine and have it shooting a blood-load or something out like Cock Chestnar does. Red Dragons!

Indeed. Hahaha.

that shits permanent

tyhillman 0

No, it's not thanks to today's technology. You can get it removed by laser.

Yes, you can get a tattoo laser removed. Of course, the pain and expense are both about 10x worse than the tattoo itself

and it comes back through enough sun exposure

MaddogTotten 0

Haha, penis. You really should make sure that nothing you permanently attach to your body looks in any way like a penis, in any context. Sorry but YDI.

Excpet if you are physically female, and getting gender reassignment surgery to "become" male. Then you want something exactly like a penis attached to your body.

blah123blah 0

You better get rid of your penis then, you don't want that sort of thing attached to your body do you?

yawneall 0

the point of this post?

You're weird, Lacey, but awesome.

lalagirl912 0

was half of thy a song.... it's a pretty awesome song! on the radio all the time xD

What about a penis?

jollyjam1 2

Well, that is what you get for permanently scaring your body. Oh yeah, hahahahaha!

Yeah, my body would be pretty scared too if it had a penis on it all of a sudden.

*cough* lesbian *cough*

Of course. Straight women all over the globe would be delighted to suddenly be wearing a penis.

Shadow_Phantom 26

Hopefully not too many people have dirty minds, but just explain to them it's a sword and lift up the back of your shirt a little if they ask or laugh. FYL though.

not too many people have dirty minds? I think the real issue is the fact you don't need to have a dirty mind to recognise a penis on someones back.

or go back to the parlor and get the guy to make the hilt look less penissy

haha, penissy