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By  kendonmcb  |  18

While the thread and accusation is ridiculous to say the least, you should consult with your wife about such important topics. All of them, no matter if there braindead groups on earth who are against it, what ever it is.


Great idea. Medicine is a choice. There should always be a lengthy discussion about the pros and cons of exposing your child to the risk of diseases. While they're at it, the parents should also discuss whether or not they teach their daughter about contraceptives when she's older. But by that point, she'll probably have spent enough time with her batshit crazy mother, and decided that getting an STD is cool. Maybe you should be married to OP's wife, instead. You seem to be as stupid as she is. No offense, OP.

  kendonmcb  |  18

OK, while we're doing the insults: you should not be married at all. Furthermore, you shouldn't be allowed to reproduce. TBH I am not sure if you should be around people at all, have you considered moving to the forest?
Oh and: You are an idiot, but "no offense", so I guess it's cool now.


Not married, never wanted to be. Not a parent, never wanted to be. And living in the forest is something I've considered a lot throughout my life. Also, I'm the first to admit I'm an idiot, but since there are 7 billion+ other idiots on the planet, it's hardly surprising. By the way, my "no offense" comment was directed at the OP. If I didn't intend to offend you when calling you stupid, I wouldn't have called you stupid in the first place.

One more thing; you and a few other people have commented on this saying that the OP should have told his wife he was having their daughter vaccinated. Where does it say he didn't tell her? He could have discussed it, his wife would have disapproved, and then he went and did it anyway, because it's the right thing to do. OP's wife would have still seen it as a "betrayal", but if he went behind her back without even bringing it up, their marriage has more problems than just divisions brought on by their views on vaccinations. But hey, I'm just an idiot on the outside, looking at the idiots on the inside, and we're all basing our opinions on a vague story written in two sentences, and only the OP can clarify how exactly the shit hit the fan.

By  tmj25789  |  23

jesus fuck is the correct response. I love how people wont vaccinate their children but they are vaccinated. you did the right thing by making sure your child is taken care of. some people need more education.

  mekiswrite  |  19

I agree, but you can't really call an anti-vaxxer a hypocrite for the simple fact that they probably didn't get a choice in the matter. A one year old can say no to a needle because it's scary, but they don't have the capacity to say no to a vaccine as they don't know what it is or what it is supposed to do.

  ViviMage  |  38

That's because our generation never saw the true horror of smallpox, polio, measles, diphtheria, pertussis, even tetanus. I'd like to see a chicken pox vaccine made, our generation got that and was told it's a normal childhood illness. But what if I never had it and never had all these scars from it?

The fact no one has heard of these diseases outside of a textbook because they work is ironically making some people less likely to vaccinate against it.

  weaboo  |  12

Even if you can’t call them a hypocrite they are still super stupid for risking their children to deadly disease just to avoid the slight (or nonexistent IDK I didn’t check) to get autism like dude death is not a preferable alternative to autism


@weaboo vaccines have been proven to not cause autism. But even if they did, is autism really that bad that parents would rather their children die a painful death than have them live with a (usually) manageable disorder?

  JasonThorn  |  18

Keep in mind that the ONE study that suggested that link has been discredited MULTIPLE times and the doctor had falsified data and had his medical license revoked.

  kendonmcb  |  18

Yeah, but this is typical for judging morons on the net: the child shouldn't get a choice, while the parent is to blame that they didn't have a choice. Type first, think later.

By  ViviMage  |  38

She likely never saw things like polio to know why we vaccinate and the horrors that happened to people that lived without a vaccine.
I have first hand, my aunt's father had polio and we had to build a ramp for the wheelchair. Do you really want to live your life with no working legs like FDR did??
Do you want a lifelong wheelchair bound child for what should be a simple shot to the arm?

My sister and fiancé are also immunosuppressed, so they need to ME to take my flu shot so I don't give it to them!

Schools and doctors won't admit or see the child without proper vaccines, so the child has to be vaccinated eventually.

Some doctors won't make an appt or toss you bodily out the moment you say are anti-vax. Then see an anti-vaccine doctor, go find one, but you're not seeing this pediatrician.

There are kids too sick and fragile to handle the vaccine, so it's important that those that can, should! Or your kid that isn't vaxxed can transmit things to the people that legitimately cant handle it.

You don't get autism from shots. You don't get the illness from the shot. The kid forgets about the shot soon enough.

And IF you stay with this crazy lady that is not putting her daughter's best interests in mind, you better make choices with her on things like pierced earrings.

And check the city ordinances on cats and dogs! She won't vaccinate them against rabies!
No shot for a cat or dog means if they bite someone, they kill it and dissect the brains to see IF it had rabies at all to warrant the painful injections in the stomach the victim may need to take if they are positive.

Or you vaccinate the animal to avoid an early death at the hands of the police and vet.


Maybe they tried. Sounds like OP took it upon himself to ensue his kid was vaccinated because he believed it to be the right thing to do.

His daughter will be living proof that vaccinations don't cause things like autism.