By ashleeylynn - 15/03/2010 15:05 - United States

Today, I got mugged. They wanted my phone and wallet. The most important thing in my wallet was my fully punched Smoothie King card. FML
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Monikabug 9

Oh no! Now they are going to get YOUR free smoothie! >;[

Fminetoo 0

Wow, a cell phone related FML that is not about an Iphone. CONGRATS OP!


Thou shall bow to the king bitches

You gotta cash that in! Since it sat in your wallet you deserved to lose it.

I would be pissed. I would beat them up!

ElegantSadist 0

fyl for being so sad and pathetic with your taken wallet

wow I think ur a pretty pitiful poor person

Everyone here is a loser. hahay hahay hahay.

stupid poor people, stupid poor people (put your hands up)! stupid poor people, stupid poor people (you can't even afford food)!

LTMcleod 0

today, I mugged this person, I took their wallet and only got a smoothie king card. at least it's fully punched? fml

bihero 0

lmaoooo fyl

Darkside06 0

UFO for spending all your money on $10 smoothies.

Darkside06 0


nates0210 0

omg fyl indeed. :(

Nice "I Kill People" reference Cooluc! hehe :) I'm dangerous like a fire in a nursing home Old people burning old people burning put your hands up old people burning old people burning that's kinda messed up...

I'm invincible like Bruce Willis in the movie Invincible. I'm invisible...well, I'm not really invisible.

fyl man! that shit sucks! u worked hard for those smootheis! those muggers shute knew who to pick on

35: Your picture does not support your thoughts, Comrade! We SUPPORT the working masses. Stupid poor people.

u_killed_kenny_ 0

Shoot those bastards in the head!

what's wrong with keeping nothing in your wallet, maybe he wasn't planning to buy anything :/

That jerk will get what he's got coming when he gets a massive brain freeze of his free smoothie

he'll have a massive brain freeze once the cops pop a tazer on his ass once they catch they sucka

spellcheck fail- they=that

LemonMan 0

UFO? Lmao. FYL

yea_or_no 0

Smooth move #lol

no free smoothie for you! *sniffle*

here's what you say, JOKES ON YOU!

they took her phone and u complaining about your stupid smoothies card?

that's a good thing considering you don't have a lot of money in there


guns don't kill people, Nuh uh, stupid poor people do

scrapytiger3 0


Monikabug 9

Oh no! Now they are going to get YOUR free smoothie! >;[

Yeah and it sucks! Spent so much effort and money and finally the card gets fully punched but you can't get ur free smoothie!

jennnnrawr 0

i know what ya mean! i cant live without my strawberry-banana smoothie! ;)

No you guys aren't getting it. The reason this is an FML is because the OP DIDN'T have anything worth stealing in their wallet. As in they own nothing of value. Except a Smoothie King card.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Obviously... they were joking. Though Smoothie King is pretty freaking amazing

Monikabug 9

Yeah Jessie, it was just a joke. Lol!

Oh sorry! I was actually commenting on the comments above because no one up there seemed to get it. My bad Monika :)

At least they didn't want your anus. A lot of muggings result in rape, regardless of gender.

you're a fag

good thing. at least you didn't have like five hundred dollars. sucks that you got mugged though.

Fminetoo 0

Wow, a cell phone related FML that is not about an Iphone. CONGRATS OP!

This really made me laugh lol

nomnommonster 0

You're lucky. Man, people complain waay too much.

FYLDeep 25

This is a good thing. Would rather have it be were you lose all your money and identification?

what's the problem? you should be like- Today, I got mugged. Luckily, I did not have anything valuable. Celebrate my life.