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By GodHelpMe - 23/3/2019 18:00
Today... I got "let go" from work after 3 yrs of breaking my back for the organization a few weeks after finding out that I'm pregnant with TWINS to my bf who just moved to South Africa and I can't stop itching due to some pregnancy related condition which will last the entire pregnancy... FML
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  julfunky  |  29

The fact that she stated that it’s a pregnancy related condition that will last the full pregnancy suggests she has been to the doctor. That doesn’t sound like she just took a guess.

By  James Acosta  |  8

If you are only a few weeks pregnant, then you just suck at your job and deserve to be fired. As for your bf moving to South Africa, probably should have used some form of bith control you fucking moron!


First of all, in an at will state, the could fire you for no reason but secretly do so cuz they don’t wanna pay for maternity leave. Second, birth control isn’t 100% reliable. They could have used it and still got pregnant.

By  Ksweety_fml  |  27

Then you will find another BETTER job, and your itching will stop while pregnant if you use an itching cream, and you will find a guy that's better than your boyfriend and a couple of years later, y'all would be married. 😊

I know we all go through things in life, but just know... it's only temporary. 😘

By  TCRII  |  26

Sounds like you might have Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (IHCP). You can modify your diet to alleviate the symptoms, but they may not go away until after your baby is born. You should also talk to your doctor about preparing for an early delivery.

By  bkwusa  |  15

You have a pretty good case against the company firing you. While it is legal to fire you for no reason at all in right to work states, it is federal law that you can't be fired for a medical condition like pregnancy.