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By  mpsteve137  |  15 got into the party but you were out of town at the same time... Just be glad you know how to clone yourself.

  Pleonasm  |  34

Her daughter THREW the party while her parents were out of town.
Parties last a while, and sometimes parents come home early unexpectadly; regardless, it gives the parents the time to come in on the middle of a huge party beng thrown.

And now there's someone else below commenting the same thing.
Seriously people; just use your heads a bit.

  Pleonasm  |  34

I'm glad you're here to tell me that OP wasn't actually able to clone herself; I wasn't sure there for a minute.
Yes, I know it was a joke, but the fact that #1 and others below are acting as if it's impossible for OP to walk in on their daughter's party after they had gone out of town begged a response.

By  XxXBadAshXxX  |  27

Teenagers can't really be reliable these days. Time for security cameras and a loud speaker that you can access from your phone, so you could scare her if she's ever doing anything bad again.

  \  |  28

The director of the NSA tips his hat to you, #3.


Not all teenagers are like that. We get a bad name because the bad teenagers have more publicity than the teenagers of other generations, thanks to all of this technology. I wouldn't even think of throwing a party while my parents were out. So clumping all of us together really isn't fair.

  KK3137  |  31

#3, you're 20. You were a teenager very recently.. Would you say you were not to be trusted 2 years ago? My parents trusted me fully and I never threw a secret party in my life. I really don't think generalising like that is going to make your point.

  ThatFancyPenn  |  18

I would definitely not edgy that teenagers can't be trusted. Just quite a few. I hate the argument that all teenagers are stupid and have no future. This is an odd example but that's like implying all milk in a store is sour because of one carton.

  meli1195  |  31

I really don't see how this FML is hard to understand.... The OP simply came home from their trip while OP's daughter was throwing a huge party, which just happened to be THE party of the year.

  Freethaawave  |  19

Right though 25! I always remember the time my older sister thought it was a good idea to throw a party at our parents house and a guy got stabbed in my kitchen. This is why you never let people into your home. Also, you will probably get robbed.

By  SweetasCandy0609  |  28

sound's like your daughter is going to be missing quite a few fun things for awhile and for future trips that you and your husband go one don't leave her alone because she obviously isn't mature enough to stay home by herself yet.

By  zandalee  |  19

Two ways you can play this OP.
Either join in, dance like a MOFO and act as though you knew all about the party to all and sundry, or play merry hell, kick everyone out and ground your daughter till next year.
Your move.

  ohishkabibble  |  21

Better yet, you should've embarrassed the hell out of your daughter in front of everyone at the party by dancing terribly, and drawing attention to yourselves by being weird. Then maybe she'd hesitate to throw a party next time :)

  DreadfulBelle  |  3

It's a bad idea to pretend to have known the whole time, especially if alcohol is involved. If one of the kids drank and then drove a vehicle and died, the parents would have been charged with manslaughter... always flip a shit when you catch this sort of underage behavior...