By dumbass - 15/12/2010 03:00 - United States

Today, I got into my first car accident. I hit my own parked car while trying to drive my mother's car into the garage. FML
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Those fucking parked cars just pop out of nowhere, don't they?

Stay in California.


you women are really making it to easy. next thing you know there will be another FML about a women and cooking.

about a women? oh lord.

lol fucking too easy why ladies why

lol I can picture that

ydi for not knowing how to park a car and then thinking it's a good idea for you to even own a car let alone drive one...

Exactly how did you get your drivers license?

stole my comment:(

JonaDona 2

the driving instructor was a woman...

Your level of stupidity depends on how hard you hit your car. If you just barely grazed it then you're not THAT moronic.

But still quite a moron

Stay in California.

WOW...nice comment. So your saying all people from California are stupid?

The ones that hit their own cars probably are.

No, but I am saying you're stupid for your ridiculous interpretation of my comment.

#20 i supose it is pretty funny:p #21 stop reading the dictionary and pulling big words outta your ass:D

oh damn i guess i gotta tell my gf im gay...forgot being proud of my hard earned abs was a crime or is someone just jealous?:p

Wait, I have to know which word I used that you're considering a "big word"? It must be stupid, because that's the only thing you're not seeming to grasp. Ah hell, I'm sure you consider the word "but" to be a big word. Go fill your girlfriend up, she's starting to deflate.

i thought you were the one that needed to save your breath, for your gonna need it to inflate your date tonight hun:)

Did you really just turn around and use my insult? You are a moron. It's time to stick your head back in the sand.

i always knew little 14 year old girls had the worst cumbacks...but this just WOW:)

It's apparent that you're not even smart enough to check my profile before you comment. Then again, this is coming from someone that thinks 'cumbacks' and 'outta' are words. Please, for the sake of humanity, just stay indoors until you die.

its easy for a girl to lie yes...i was proving a point with "cumbacks" is that the worst you got because it sounds like your drying up...hopefully you can understand what that means but than again you are a "girl" right?;)

You are getting dumber by the second. You made 0 point by saying 'cumbacks.' Also, this is not a battle of the wits here, buddy. You wouldn't stand a chance.

is that so? or did you just get "mind-fucked"??

I can see how saying 'cumbacks' would totally "fuck" my mind. I should take a step back and think about this.

so im usually not asking this kind of question, but im enjoying this arguement non-the-less how old are you? because idk if i believe the picture and what your profile says:)

I was unaware that my purpose of being here tonight was to answer your questions. The information is there for a reason. I'm not one to spew random years on websites to appear "cooler." If you can't figure it out, go cry. Otherwise, move on.

Cool, been to any cool bars?

You owned her, and nice abs btw :)

Nowhere, in any of those posts, did he come anywhere near owning her. He actually just looks pathetic for using the same exact insult she a post right after it. Try some creativity. See if you can get those 2 brain cells in sync and actually come up with a decent, original insult.

Or they're calling him a girl and complimenting FFML_314's mighty fine abs.

Dude, if you can't spell nonetheless and argument, why are you even trying? Did you use the number 4 because you didn't know how to spell forbidden?

Thank you. I work hard for these abs.

His abs are awesome, you can't disagree with me on that one haha :)

Err no, just, just no...

Damn, I'm just going to let you float around with dumby up there. Reflections.

wow, that was a shit comeback...

Your 4 pack is a fail therefore your argument is invalid. Cumbacks? You fucking twat.

The funniest thing I've seen all day. Better than all the FML's! Talk about someone digging their own grave, and making a massive display of their insecurity. FFML_314 is great... except for the "dumby" thing.

Hey! It was late, give me a break.

I think both of y'all should get back to the kitchen and get me my sandwich.... now before I have to tell you twice.

Those fucking parked cars just pop out of nowhere, don't they?

wow ur bad ... I can imagine u driving in a snowstorm. ur a disaster :(