By Anonymous - 30/05/2009 05:07 - United States

Today, I got into my first car accident. Extremely upset, I called my parents, because it was their car and I didn't know what to do. I told them what happened, and asked if they were on their way to where I was. My dad's response was "Hell no, we're eating dinner." FML
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well atleast he dosent care about the car

There goes his father's day present.


There goes his father's day present.

His Father's Day present is that his dad doesn't have to pick him up

wow, your dad's a prick

well atleast he dosent care about the car call the cops, not your dad. and if the accident was your fault, YDI for sure.

Fuck the police if its the fathers car/insurance he should deciede what he wants done

o wow, i remember my mom came over immediately after my accident. and yea, 1st call u make is to 911 if someone hadn't already. even if no other cars were involved. that way you can get the car towed and go to the hospital if need be. accidents suck even if it was your fault, sorry dude!

Maybe since YOU got into the accident, YOU should have to deal with it. Accidents happen all the time, call 911, not your parents.

Well how she deals with it is going to directly effect the father who owns the vehicle. He should be involved

"my first car accident" as if it's something people generally experience regularly?? YDI.


hahaa that soudns like something red foreman from that 70s show would say

#10, haha I was thinking the same thing. "Then after dinner, I'm gonna enjoy a little foot-in-your-ass"