By Anonymous - 03/12/2012 19:02 - Canada - London

Today, I got into a fight with my girlfriend. After yelling and arguing my point, my cat got up and jumped up next to her on the bed. He sat down, and they both glared at me until I left. FML
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Looks like you're not getting any pussy.

If the cats on her side, then you obviously fucked up good.


If the cats on her side, then you obviously fucked up good.

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Or the cat is an evil mastermind, and he's trying to just scoop up the girlfriend for himself. :-P

i guarantee you if you had had a dog, the dog would only given enough of a shit to lick his own balls at most.

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27- Not necessarily. When my husband and I have an argument, my dogs immediately run over to me, and give him the stink eye. :)

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I had a dog that would literally try to break up fights. She would get inbetween people and push one away from the other. But cats... they are always sleeping with the enemy.

#46 So is your mom XD

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^Oh to be young and to not know some of the crazy shit both genders do to the other that deserve yelling.

Female, Male and Other.

Am I seriously getting corrected on just saying their are 2 genders? I categorize people more with their mental gender, and not as both so there are only 2 to me...

you make no sense.

Looks like you're not getting any pussy.

Well that went over your head didn't it...

18- Just walk away.

2 - I love how your name is related to your comment. :D

Wow. Sucks to be you on all levels huh? Hope your day gets better.

So you got two pussies angry at you? I feel for ya bro.

Why did you leave because the cat say next to your GF? It's not like he has anything to say on the subject. Unless there's something you're not telling us about your cat 0.0

Fine you caught me I have a talking cat alright? Now that that's solved we can move on to other stuff.

Well, apologize to your girlfriend before you apologize to your cat. Obviously, you've offended both.

Forget apologizing you just can't get through to pussies. Or cats.

And how does that make you feel?

It doesn't matter how he feels anymore

Dang blocked from getting pussy on any level. That's a cat-tastrophy.

Oh, an FML involving a cat. Pussy jokes. Bravo, guys. Brafuckingvo.

Hehe bra-fucking... vo

Johnny Bravo.

Whooooooa mama!

I love being a 90's baby sooo much.

Well that's awkward. You should have glared at the cat and waved cat food in front of its face. Then whisper "pick a side and choose wisely" while swinging the cat food back and forth.