By CurseYouSonyaLee - 12/11/2013 15:27 - United States - Midlothian

Today, I got into a fight with my brother that somehow ended with him breaking my toe with a Fisher-Price airplane. FML
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I guess that's why those toys are for children 5 and up.

I guess that flight spun out of control!


I guess that's why those toys are for children 5 and up.

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I don't know.. Kid's toys can be hella dangerous for strange reasons. My cousin picked up a foam ax at a Michael's store once and whacked me with it. Some time later, i noticed my face was gashed and bleeding.

With a foam Ax? What the hell? How strong is your cousin?

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After some inquiries, I discovered there was a metal pin used to secure the tag to the toy. THAT was my culprit. And yes my cousin does have quite an arm.

I remember my little brother trying to "skate board" down the stars on the plastic trailer of a toy semi truck. Sometimes kids, young and old, misuse toys. Although a broken toe sounds worse than the many bruises my little bro suffered.

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All in all, I think it matters more on the mental age of the child than the physical age.

"BURN!!!"- Michael Kelso

How old are you that you're using kids toys?

Hey ass he probably has a baby brother or sister!

Wow... Chill out, my friend...

Yes he probably has a baby brother/sister. No need to be rude though #20.

Maybe they have a kid

I guess that flight spun out of control!

But the question is how big is the plane? as a child I had a fisher price plane I could sit in so I'm imagining op's brother hurling this 2 meter long plane at him.

Its probably a little tykes one. Yo know, those short fat figurines. So I'm guessing it would be about 6 to 10 inches. Don't ask me how i know so much about toys

We're goin right in-to the danger zone!

What a childish thing for him to do.

Well since it's a fisher price toy it's safe to say the brother might be young enough for a fisher price toy. So childish makes sense.

Yes, that was the joke.

What were you fighting about?

Did you ask your mommy to kiss the booboo?

Fighting is infinitely more exciting

Easier said than done. Some people have short tempers and just lash out.

Agree with #42 - more fun. Talking it out rarely leads to broken toes, which is another negative

I always knew those things were dangerous!

Those and the cursed Legos Maim people

Flight Destination Reached.

that actually made me laugh really hard

Well that Okay...