By Allergic to Assholes - 30/01/2016 09:33 - United States - Indianapolis

Today, I got in trouble with my boss for not showing up to work yesterday. It seems going into anaphylactic shock isn't a valid excuse. FML
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If they try to penalize you for it file a complaint with the company.

Can't you report him to the higher ups?


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Did you call or have someone else call to let them know?

If I went into anaphylactic shock the last thing I'd think about would be work.

Agreed. Anaphylactic shock is treatable fairly quickly, and a courtesy call goes a long way. Even if it's shorter than an eight hour shift, a day is plenty of time to call.

Not necessarily treated quickly. The initial danger may be over soon after treatment but it may take hours for the symptoms to subside, and if Benadryl is given the patient may fall asleep for several hours. That coupled with the fact the OP may have been separated from his cell phone/didn't have access to one would interfere with his ability to notify the boss. Sincerely, a paramedic.

What were you thinking? You really think that's a good reason to no go to work? Jeez. (total sarcasm)

If you didn't put that last bit there, I might have actually believed you.

Why did so many people thumb this down? Did they ignore the part where he said it was sarcasm?

He's just itching for trouble, isn't he.

If they try to penalize you for it file a complaint with the company.

contacting your human resources department with a doctors note is where I'd start, and go up the chain from there.

Why are there people so thick and heartless? It doesn't make sense.

Probably because they don't know how to be nice.

Doctors notes do wonders

Can't you report him to the higher ups?

By the way OP worded this they, or someone else, didn't call in the same day to tell them what happened. Since the company didn't know the same day it happened it was treated as if OP skipped work. OP can't file a complaint because of this

To me it sounded more like OP did inform them and just has a real asshole for a boss. In that case #7 yes, OP can report him to the higher ups and/or human resources if their boss tries to penalize them.

Hope you're okay, OP! Get that adrenaline pumping and whack up the antihistamine. I'm getting an allergic reaction to your boss' bullshit. That's fucking ridiculous!

Looks like it's time to find a job that's better understanding OP

Your boss is looking for an excuse. No reasonable person should be upset about that