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Today, I got in an argument with an ex-girlfriend who kept tactlessly bragging to me about her new boyfriend. I told her to read what she'd sent me, then pretend her boyfriend was telling her that. Fifteen minutes later, her boyfriend calls me, yelling for making her feel sad. FML
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The iPhone has a really cool feature where you can block numbers

A little self reflection is good for the soul, and apparently long over due for her Good plan. It may make her a better person in the long run


TheEpicKitten 20

YDI for talking with your ex...

#15 she was the one who was texting him and kept bragging to him about her new bf, he obviously had no choise Wouldn't you be annoyed if your ex did the same thing?

But he had a choice to ignore her. It's not that hard.

True but some people can't just ignore the fact that their exs keep on bragging about their new bfs/gfs because its really pathetic And I guess OP is one of those people

i would retaliate against the little shit. "look at him and compare yourself I deserved better anyway"

She shouldn't feel sad. She should realize how much of a bitch she is being for breaking OP's heart, after realizing how much it would hurt her if this new boyfriend said the same things as her.

Why are people thumbing down #29? She's right, OP can choose not to respond if his ex is being bitchy and rude and telling him about things he doesn't need to know about. It also seems like the ex is not over OP to be constantly bragging about a new boyfriend to him, or maybe she's just petty and immature.

If he ignored her it would have continued. Besides, a lot of people talk to their exes

I'm not saying people shouldn't talk to their exes, but in OP's case, his ex is being disrespectful and trying to hurt his feeling.

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blamed the perprator,not the victim regardless of gender......

The iPhone has a really cool feature where you can block numbers

It also has a feature where it doesn't force you to respond to texts or answer phone calls. It's pretty fantastic!

Why do people assume that everyone has an IPhone? This person said absolutely nothing about having an iPhone.

Why do people assume that everyone has an IPhone? This person said absolutely nothing about having an IPhone.

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My android phone has the same feature to block numbers. so this still stands.

My windows phone can also block numbers.

Not completely sure why that posted twice when I only pressed the button once. Just down vote it. Anyways. I agree. OP should just block the number and then they wouldn't be having their current problem.

Android also doesn't force you to respond to texts or calls in any way Pretty much the only thing iPhones have over other phones (and only reason they're so much more expensive) is that they have a sleeker appearance and have the Apple brand name

@20 either way he didn't have to respond

In reply to #43, that and they are more durable, have better/more reliable software, last longer, and google steals less of your personal data when using them.

iphones are more durable? I seem to recall apple having problems with bending, shattering, and denting.

#48. I hope that was meant to be sarcasm.

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#51: My brother has bent, shattered, and dented several Androids. So it's not just iPhones.

48: Apple practically leaves the front door open for the NSA iPhones. Also, don't forget about bendgate, or purposeful software slowdown. Sound familiar? Like 52 said, I REALLY hope you were being sarcastic.

no #51, I think it may just be your brother

I ran out of time to edit. *NSA on the iPhone

lexielou07 18

#59: I think you're talking to me, not 51. I'll admit the shattered screen was from a three or four foot drop. But it bent and dented merely from being in his pockets.

I have owned every iPhone ever made besides the 6. (Just too big) I have also had to use various android phones. I have even written apps for both. Android is trash. Sorry. To the guy talking about security, you are 17 and have no clue what you are talking about. Take it from someone who knows - Android is full of security issues. iOS is extremely secure. Did you know for years google would provide your name, phone number and personal address to the developer of every single app you downloaded? Or that Android flashlight apps can steal your entire phone book/contact list? Android is just a tool for google to do mass data collection. Use common sense. Google doesn't make any money when people buy android phones. So why would they do it?

I know where my Google account info goes. I also know how to look at permissions to see what's shady. As long as you have common sense, you'll know not to download a flashlight app that has permissions other than hardware control, for the LED. And, for the record, my age has nothing to do with this. I never said Android was perfect. Hell, you're right about the security flaws, I'll give you that. I was just saying that the iPhone is far from perfect.

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I agree i had multiple different phones before an iPhone and all the other were crap

iOS is not secure. it has been hacked time and time again. you have to update your os every other week because of it. Apple just does a better job covering up their mistakes unlike google which actually lets people learn from them.

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How did this turn into a phone debate...

Ok I will admit I am quite careless with my phones and I have cracked both my androids. However they still function fine. One fell about a meter directly onto a solid metal rod. The other landed at an angle onto concrete after being flung out of my bag. I would say they are pretty durable if you are a normal person and not a klutz like me. Iphones are known to crack easily, i don't even want to see how long I would last with an iphone.

A little self reflection is good for the soul, and apparently long over due for her Good plan. It may make her a better person in the long run

JMichael 25

Really? She sounds like a whiny bitch.

Tell him that she is his baggage now.

Yeah my first thought is that OP made a very wise choice dumping her. I still voted YDI for even dignifying her bullshit with a response, though. He of all people should know better.

Then you tell the boyfriend to pretend his girlfriend said that to him, and then you get stuck in an endless loop of making people sad and people yelling at you angrily.

Sorry to say, but ydi. She indeed made a mistake by boasting about her new boyfriend.. But youre her ex, not her boyfriend, so you should have said your ex, that way it probably would be different for her. On the other hand f your life indeed , cause she really took it the wrong way and her boyfriend shouldn't have mingled in

Take OPs advice and read your comment again.

your photo is very conceded ya think.. 4 in 1

I will never understand ex-couples bragging to each other about their new partner. It just seems shallow and pathetic.

Oh she didn't like that? Then I guess it is time for her to grow up. Move on OP, you deserve someone with more maturity.

I can see why she is your ex. I would just stop talking to her altogether. If she contacts you again just ignore her.