By Anonymous - 27/08/2013 07:21 - Canada - Saint John

Today, I got in a heated fight and ended up being punched in the jaw. The fight was about Harry Potter. FML
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Avada Kedavra, motherfucker.

Damnit, OP! Don't be a muggle! Where was your wand? On second thought, I understand you were just abiding by the Statue of Secrecy. Damn laws.


get a life lol


Wait until my father hears about this!

Chug_bug can fuck off. Most people would go on a crusade FOR HARRY POTTER

Says the guy with 0 out of SEVEN fml's posted...

I don't see what you're getting at

Who doesn't get in fights about Harry Potter the guy is pretty hairy.

Filthy Muggles...

Muggles are just jealous. Leave him to his boring life of still photos, cars, and no butterbeer.

I agree with chug_bug. If you're getting into fistfights about harry potter, you seriously need to re-evaluate your life

Ron Weasly voice *I think he needs to sort out his priorities*

*Snapes voice* 'Those who do not care about Harry Potter are clearly full of daaaark magic'.

If you didn't fight about Harry Potter, people might think you're something.

isnt that a good thing? everything is going good in his life..

Avada Kedavra, motherfucker.

Does this count as a death threat?

I'd go with attempted murder. :p

This is why we can't have nice things..

It's pronounced lev-ee-OH-sa, not lev-ee-oh-SA

I thought it was supposed to be a fight with magic sticks !

At least they didn't cast a spell on you.... or did they do that as well?

Muggles always fighting, hope you Expalliarmused that punk.

It seems expelliarmus didn't work as planned. The disarmed muggle sucker punched op.

Well then this calls for either Crucio or Imperio and either torture or make them humiliate themselves, fitting for a filthy mud blood.

Crucio is the answer. Muggles, Mudbloods, and blood traitors deserve no mercy.

I think the term "disarmed" would be more accurate than "expelliarmused".

Damnit, OP! Don't be a muggle! Where was your wand? On second thought, I understand you were just abiding by the Statue of Secrecy. Damn laws.

LOL just realized my mistake. Definitely not referring to a marble/concrete/etc. figure. Thanks for the correction :)

Hey man.. I understand. We can get pretty passionate about our obsessions.

What if the fight was about him not liking Harry Potter? That would quickly change my opinion on whether or not this requires a FYL

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In the third Harry Potter book, 14-year-old Ron stands on a broken leg to tell a convicted murderer that he will die before that man gets to his best friend. Harry Potter is not just for kids.

And that's probably one of the lighter situations.

Great stories are timeless.

Seems like you were in a quite HARRY situation eh??? Anyone? Anyone? Ok.

Oof, I'm afraid I cringed at that one. Siriusly.

Wow those are some Severusly nice puns.

Certainly a situation OP couldn't weasel out of.

OP is certainly off on the wRONg foot with these people...

I don't mean to snape at you 99, but that was a bad pun. I'd think next time before opening your Molfoy

Some things are worth fighting for OP.

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And then OP would have another amazing series to fight over.

Believe in magic, you muggle!