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By hello_persona - 18/4/2019 04:00
Today I got in a fight with my best friend over me not visiting the counselor. Being a hormonal upset teenager, I wrote a depressing love story about a girl who ends up getting rejected and commits suicide. The teacher sent the letter to the counselor to check on me. FML
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And also some hormonal, upset teenagers have a possibly unchecked HORMONAL imbalance called depression.

Also, teachers are required by law to report that kind of stuff. I would look at it as that teacher cares about you since she did report it instead of ignore it. I wrote a story similar once (instead of suicide, she fell off a cliff and drowned) and my teacher found out but did nothing.

By  manb91uk  |  22

That's because these sorts of things are usually a cry for help or a predictor of behaviour... Suicidal people have been known to write about suicide and darkness long before they act on it...

The collumbine killers (and Kip Kinkle) frequently wrote violent stories about killing people way before they committed their mass murders.

Imagine you WERE suicidal and this was, in your head, the only way you thought you'd get help and the story was ignored, how would you feel then?

Take heart from the fact your teacher cared enough to make sure it was creativity and not pain. It means you were valued enough for them to notice.

By  Sonotsuave  |  32

Um, with all due respect everyone has their hormonal upset teenage phase, but anything having to do with suicide or self harm should be taken seriously. Your friends and counselors are just looking out for you, better to be safe than sorry.

By  westoz  |  21

So wait, you’re angry that people care about your safety??
I think you’re being a bit ungrateful really. A lot of people don’t have anyone who cares.

You’re going to have to find a way to cope with hormonal depression because you’re likely to get it for a short time every month for the rest of your life.
If writing that story helped then I suggest buying a journal to write your feelings in at home. Also seeing your school councillor could be a good idea, because just telling someone and getting it all out and be reminded that what you’re feeling is temporary may help.
This is all a part of growing up. It sucks but you’ll get the hang of it. Hang in there :)