By Anonymous - 08/02/2010 18:23 - United States

Today, I got ice cream with a guy I'd met at a wrestling match a few days ago. When I got home, I found out that my mother had been sitting in the parking lot and watched us through the windows. FML
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doink 0

I can see how your life is ruined.

Wow....and I thought I couldn't get any privacy.


doink 0

I can see how your life is ruined.

Averizzle 0

Did you get sprinkles with that ice cream?

ThankYhuCaptinOb 0

does anyone not see the FML in this ? Yes your mom is nosy but it sounds more like MLIA. Maybe you dont get out alot and was happy and seeing if it goes well , or maybe you have a history of being a whore and she was worried . Just saying ......

Ajjas013 6

Hey! That's my job... *Ahem* Threesome!

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Wrestling is awesome

what the fuck is wrong with that op MLIA

Apparently your Mom has trust issues with you because:A) You've either said something to make her believe you"re about to spread your legs for this guy. B)You have played the slut before or,C) She"s worried that you will follow in Her footsteps and give it up at a young age to the wrong guy!

oh noes!!! ice cream

Clearly you've never had a parent stalk you. It's ridiculous, violating and all around wrong. During my high school years and even my first year of college, my father did the same thing, sometimes even having his friends keep tabs on me too. I think it's a sign of mistrust, which sucks, especially when you didn't do anything wrong; apparently it didn't matter that I was a pretty darn good girl.

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hell yeah!

Reyo 2

That's when you proceed to furiously make out with the guy right there in the Ice Cream parlor. You give your mom a good show.

spongegrub 2

I love ice cream


yeah did you get sprinkles? also... what's the big freakin deal?!? it's not like you were havin sex with the damn boy

birds_fml 7

@70... parents are supposed to keep an eye on their kids. When the kids get to be teens, they need a little independence and the feeling of doing things on their own, but that doesn't mean the parents should stop watching them. My mom followed me around to make sure I was going where I said I was going too. I never knew she did this until my 20s when she told me. It's her job to make sure her daughter is trustworthy in the first place. Why anyone would give trust to a teenager without checking up to make sure they're not lying is beyond me. Even the best teenagers lie all the damn time.

I'm sorry son, can you forgive me? :(

Malinkrot 3

That's creepy, and the people who are defending this are probably the type that would stalk the person they liked and collect their toenails.

dayumm a mom wood do sum stalker shyt like tht

#96 WOW. This is... SAD. My mom and I have a perfectly healthy relationship and she knows she can trust me not to go off with some random dude and fuck him behind a tree. If you think it's normal for your mother to follow you arround... Well, then something is obviously wrong.

Wow....and I thought I couldn't get any privacy.

something Is wrong with ur mom

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momma bitch??

zzyber 4

Aaannnd your life is F'd how again?

TheDaveCA 1


stalker moms ftw LOOOOL

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doesn't something have to get a certain amount of 'yes' votes?

of course mom, I can understand you stalking my life, because we are suddenly going to start fucking in an ice cream store.

vampyre_girly 0

haha funny. but true. wat is anybody gonna do in an icecream store besides eat icecream and possibly kiss?

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I see a new porn theme here smolts stalker moms I'd like to fuck or stalker can be replaced witg ssoccer

Enoch134 0

lol did she see u fight him who won?