By Emily - Australia
Today, I got home to three boys riding bikes out in front of my house, smiling at me. I instantly thought they were checking me out, so I smiled sweetly at them. Turns out they were flaunting the fact that they just stole all 3 of our bikes. FML
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By  mattmalin11  |  0

Go get an apache and chase them down until they surrender the bikes. Then kidnap them and take them to Casey Anthonys house. They'll be dead within a week, so she can go party.

  OWNZ  |  0

16 is retarded... She frickin duct taped the kids arms together, stuffed her in her trunk and then when it started to smell too bad threw her in the woods. WTF kind of parent also doesn't report their kid missing for an entire month!?!? She is a cold blooded killer