By HGTV - 01/10/2013 18:43 - United States - Boston

Today, I got home to the smell of permanent marker and the discovery that my roommate's little sister had drawn flower petals around every polka dot she could reach on my walls. I just put up the wallpaper last weekend. FML
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Make that bitch put up new wallpaper.

Not gunna lie I would be all over that shit. Dots are always just asking for petals.


Kids do the darndest things!

I'm getting really tired of comments like this.

\ 28

If the roommate was there, it's her fault for not having watched over her sister.

Sorry. I guess I really wanted the top spot and became one of THOSE commentors. I apologize for the shitty comment :/

did 1 really jus say "darnest" lol

#55- nope they said darndest

Make that bitch put up new wallpaper.

maybe she doesn't know any better, but if she does than, yesh, she best.

Not gunna lie I would be all over that shit. Dots are always just asking for petals.

Stay away from my dots

Why even bother with wallpaper when you have such a budding artist ready to do the decorating for you?

You shouldn't have put up polka dot wallpaper in the first place. You were begging for some little girl graffiti with that tacky shit.

you are a right dick aren't you

No, definitely a left dick.

TogeBara - You did notice my name, right? There is a reason it isn't DocReallyNiceGuy.

Honesty tends to be brutal

Your roommate should fix it. Make him/her redo the wallpaper.

probably because the higher she reached the higher she got.

Sharpies haven't been made that way for several years.

Draw over it with dry erase more petals.

How would that help?

Apparently 8 doesn't know what permanent means.

Depending on what the surface was drawing over a permanent with a dry erase will break down the permanent and allow it to be erased like a dry erase marker.

Polka dot wallpaper?? Serves you right for being stuck back in the 80s haha

Sue that bitch

We should all sue you for your dumbass comment.

That would be a huge waste of time and money.

I like how people think that a law suit will just print money for them. No, just no.

"Today, my insane roommate tried to sue me because my little sister drew on her new wallpaper. FML"

almost the definition of a frivolous lawsuit.