By sad_dad - Canada
  Today, I got home from work and heard the shower in my bathroom running. Thinking my wife was taking a shower, I got completely undressed and walked in. My wife wasn't in the shower, instead I found my daughter and her boyfriend in the shower, making out. There was an awkward moment of silence. FML
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  HarperGirl  |  4

talk about a freak glad i dont know you

p.s. talking to guy who said three some but that is why i always check to see if the door is locked and lock it when i am in ther

  Lqum26  |  0

Well you can can assume if you're the father that your daughter should not be in your shower because that's just weird and she should have her own shower or bathtub, which is where he probably expects to be so when he hears his shower he thinks it has to be my wife. It's not his fault.

  Mercy71195  |  4

Even if you replace it with "why" in the sentence, it still makes sense. So, before you tell others to learn something, learn it yourself. That was a great comment, im still laughing haha

By  bubblybrooke  |  12

I love how he seems to think that the awkward moment of silence was the fml. I think it would be more that your daughter saw you naked while you saw her and her boyfriend naked and "making out" (cuz there was probly at least some touching there). I think that THAT is the true fml. lol it made me laugh tho

By  moopsy234  |  0

today my boyfriend and I decided to go to my house and take a shower while making out. my dad then walked in butt naked and joined us. I'm now pregnant with no clue in who the father is.

that would suck! lol