By Anonymous - 30/08/2013 16:14 - United States - Redmond

Today, I got home from work a little late due to bad traffic. My wife kissed me, then flew into a rage and swore that I had the taste of penis on my lips, accusing me of cheating on her with a guy. Apparently she got this insane "test your man" idea from some Cosmo-type magazine. FML
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perdix 29

She probably just had the taste of penis on her lips and got confused. Honest mistake, no harm done :D


perdix 29

She probably just had the taste of penis on her lips and got confused. Honest mistake, no harm done :D

jw90 18

Haha I was thinking the same thing when I read this one.

What in the actual... Test your man...? If she can taste penis that good then maybe you should do a test your woman test.

nurchok 15

Next time you go down in her, just do the same, say her ****** smells like a penis... That'll teach her a lesson :)

ThatFancyPenn 18

Don't worry, my breath too smells like penis sometimes.

Ari1337 15

thats kinda personal info, don't you think?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

You must be chowing down on some nasty dicks if they make your breath smell.

58, the way you worded that makes it even more hilarious.

They really are! There's one article about testing your man, then there's a article about how important trust is in a relationship, then there's an article on how you should always be trying pushing yourself to look a certain way for your man, then there's an article about being happy with the way you naturally look... Those magazines are crap.

and all these articles can be found consecutively in the same issue

I don't understand why people follow the crazy advice those magazines give sometimes

And chances are the people that write them can't maintain a steady relationship.

scarface90 8

99- so true, most of the women writing these articles are usually 30-something years old, still single and looking for "Mr. Right" They write these articles to torture us guys in healthy relationships.

Because people are very very bored. The only reason that comes to mind.

My theory is that people are getting really dumb. :o I don't mean to offend anyone, but we are too gullible.

I don't know how people can follow the advice. Everything they say contradicts something they said in a previous article, all within the same issue.

And This is why you don't take advice from any of those magazines.

Taking the advice makes for funny moments like these.

ApollosMyth 22

Some people are too crazy into those magazines.

Rosebudx 32

Coming from a woman, your girlfriend is insane if she listens to stuff like that. Run, bro.

Rosebudx 32

You're right, it did. That's what I get for not reading it closely enough :/

I suppose there's one guy out there who actually is cheating with a guy that will get caught by this devious plot. And ALL the other men will think their wives are completely ******* insane.

MEM0817 18

There are already thousands of others who already think their wives are completely ******* insane... This shouldn't be much different.

I'm pretty sure that one man thinks his wife is insane too.

Lol, this reminds me of the "let me smell yo dick" thing.

AshesNicole623 17

14-I'm sure mine thinks I'm insane. I asked him, but my magazine said he may be lying.

If a "best comment of the day" badge existed, you would totally unlock it #9!

This is why I hate Cosmo. My ex is insane and anorexic because of those stupid things.

hippo1234 19

And probably from some underlying mental health issues, not just Cosmo issues...

Seriously. If she is indeed truly anorexic, the eating disorder was already there or in the works. Cosmo just adds fuel to the fire.

This is why I don't read Cosmo. It's full of shit. And why does she need to test if you're cheating on her with another guy?