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  ilovesarcasm  |  18

The ride should of been free or cheap...yep.

Could be too, that because of that reasoning, the cab may have been the quicker option?

Either way, OP, your friends are NOT your friends, what an abominable thing to do. What happened to the vehicle that hit you? The Police?? This really is starting to sound like a hit and run... So sorry OP. I would call the cops to inquire, and if so, press charges against your "friends." They need to be punished for their blatant disregard of human compassion in some manner.

  jDCrackpot  |  7

OP's from the UK, you don't need to pay for healthcare here. Ambulances are free and available to those who need them, non emergency can ask for a patient transport vehicle.

FYL for having really crap friends, but you can't be too seriously hurt if you could get up afterwards and get a taxi. You're pretty lucky for that.


Cheaper than an ambulance if you don't have insurance. The meaning of the word friend isn't what it used to be...that label is even applied to people that don't deserve it. Friends don't screw friends...unless its your partner or fwb.