By Faithy - 03/06/2011 18:32 - United States

Today, I got flustered because my hair straightener wasn't working. It took me fifteen minutes to realize I hadn't turned it on. FML
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Blonde moment, activate.

Uhh no one word moron plenty of other women (blonde or not use) hair straighteners and do not have this problem at all this is just someone who is not the brightest crayon in the box!!

Brighter crayon in the box? ...

Yay for dropouts.

Please go somewhere way from people.

I'm guessing 46 is blonde.

it's happenned before.. when I was halfway through straightening and it automatically shut off

Thank you! It happens at least someone besides me knows it. All you others are mean.

I'm guessing your blond, right?

you spelled blonde wrong :)

I'm guessing you are too given that you can not even spell blonde

Blonde can be spelt with or without the 'e'

blonde is french blonde is the feminine and blond is the masculine

^smart kitty is smart^

I thought the difference was this: You would say: I am blonde. orrrrr I have blond hair . like adjective vs. noun? I don't know if that's right though .

I'm guessing you don't know how to use homophones, right?

hey, 75, watch who u callin Homo!!

I'm blond and I KNOW im more intelligent than you.

dude stop dising blondes there not that bad some dick just thaught it would be funny and its not dont be that dick ok punk

People, people, people! Although I lament now leaving out the "e" it can't be helped now. I am not blonde, but have many blonde friends, and let me just state here and now that they are all gooftards! Are they dumb? No.

Are you blonde? Because it's "you're" and "blonde", not "your" and "blond".

haha flustered :) It makes getting angry sound cute! That was kind of dumb, that's one of the first things I check. But I know how frustrating it can be when hair straighteners don't work. My hair looks horrible without one!

i cant stand that word it totally defuses what its supposed to mean, being angry

I think I've done that with an iron before. Was tweaking the steam settings the whole time.

haha yeah buddy rockin the sex hair

8- pikachu in Nintendo world NY?

8: Hangin' out in Da Hood! :p

Go for the bed-head or sex-hair. I hear it in right?? haha

Someone doesn't quite grasp the concept of sarcasm.

42 is just mad that 10 stole they're comment. JK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

super beatiful :)

72- they're = they are

This is not surprising to me at all. People leave their computers unplugged and call tech-support to ask "Why won't it work?". People have ceased to amaze me.

my brother does that all the time with a switched outlet and his laptop.

1215116a 14

Are you a blonde?