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Today, I got fired from my job. My manager found Facebook pictures of me drinking underage at a party. He said he didn't want "that kind of image" associated with the business. It was his birthday party. He supplied the booze. FML
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I agree. Do you not realize you can get in trouble for going to a party with alcohol in it even if you weren't drinking? You're at your boss's party? That doesn't suddenly make you 21, genius. Just because you're old enough to have a job, doesn't mean you're old enough to drink.
Plus, that's so smart to post it on Facebook.
Do you not realize college admissions people look up your facebook? Smart.
Have fun getting another job...
People these days doing things beyond their age irritates me...

  Bathory_fml  |  0

= I agree the OP shouldn't have drank at the party, nor should she have put the photos on Facebook, but there's plenty of fail and stupidity stemming from the alcohol laws themselves. America is one of the countries with the highest age restriction, as well as having the most problems with underage drinking and related fatalities a lot of which could be prevented if minors weren't so occupied with keeping everything underground. Someone dying at a party from alcohol poisoning where no one wanted to call an ambulance because they were afraid they'd get arrested is a fail by all parties concerned. "People these days doing things beyond their age irritates me..." is a statement made by someone ignorant enough to just accept everything they're told to do.

  VivaLaCobra22  |  0

21- I think the fact that you mention her hair color and your distaste to it is quite irrelevant.

OP, If you were going to your boss's party, that does not automatically make it "O.K" to drink. Have a mind of your own! If your boss had weed at his party and he was "supplying" it to everyone, does that make it "O.K" to smoke it? Absolutely not. You deserve it.



Op, it may have been your boss' party, and he might have been totally okay with you drinking illegally there, but I bet HE wasn't the one who posted the pictures on FB was he?
I agree with big boss man on this one, he fired you cause he could get in serious trouble if the right person found that.
Use your brain next time

  billyme  |  4

I hate to be the bad guy and say it but it is your fault. Even if your boss didn't have a problem with you drinking, he definitely had a problem with you posting pictures of it if you're underage. PLUS your privacy is way too available if he could see it (and maybe it was obvious that you work for his company or that it was a party the company hosted). Either way, he did the smart thing and I hope you learn your lesson instead of listening to the people voting "FML" and think it's bad luck and the company being stupid.

  cradle6  |  13

I have no problem with drinking, but why the hell did you put pics on fb or allow yourself to be photographed when you're a minor. common sense dude. that looks bad for your boss

  jazzy514  |  7

it is ops fault. who the he'll post pictures of their underage drinking. if you drink it's whatever but when it's on the Internet the cops can see and I read thatthey are going to the Internet to catch people commiting stupid shot like this

  tencentsakiss  |  19

No. Businesses and police can still easily access these pictures even if the profile is set to private and you don't add them as friends. Anyone with half a brain doesn't post pictures of themselves doing illegal activities on the Internet.

  mike3775  |  32

Actually it is very easy to see pictures on private accounts on FB. Be friends with someone else who is on their list, and send them a message asking for the pics and voila, I have access to all those pictures. A right click & save as and a quick email with attachments is all it takes

  qqaz  |  6

43- Just because you own a business doesn't mean you get access to everyones Facebook. Bigger companies just have ways of accessing pictures like asking people you're friends with and other sorts.

  Callyn  |  47

Actually, it is her boss's responsibility to police the alcohol consumption at his party. He is legally responsible for the people he furnishes alcohol to. This is his fault, not hers.

  Freeze_fml  |  16

Legally, it's his fault. Realistically, it's her fault for being an idiot. You don't go to parties and drink, then blame someone else for giving you the drinks.

By  FMLforALL  |  0

• don't add your boss to facebook.
• never post pictures of yourself participating in illegal activities on the Internet
• get back at your boss by having him prosecuted for contributing to a minor

  RedPillSucks  |  31

No. Typically, the person that supplies the alcohol is punished, not the minor consuming it.
Most likely the boss fired OP because he realized this and is trying to cover the bases.

  SuperMaria  |  0

I don't think OP actually posted the pictures, or atleast I can give OP the benefit of the doubt on that one because it says boss "found" them. Or. OP could be a COMPLETE moron.

Either way OP, you drank... underage... with your BOSS. Seriously? What good could come of that? YDI all the way.

  tencentsakiss  |  19

A friend of mine got busted for underage drinking a while ago. The 21 year old supplier denied it and got away without being charged even though they were at the party. The minor got an underage drinking citation.

By  perdix  |  29

You had the bad manners to consume his expensive alcohol and not render any sexual favors. On his birthday, no less! How rude!

You need to go to charm school, young lady! If you are going to suck down a man's liquor, you need to suck. . . uh, they'll teach you that in charm school.

By  xundria  |  5

This is why you make your profile private. Also, never mix your personal life with work.

By  stylesclash12  |  0

Sounds like you need to explain how blackmail works to your boss. You get your job back or the police find out that he's supplying alcohol to minors. The Facebook photos and statements of your coworkers are evidence. Get a backbone and fight for yourself. Congratulations on your new (old) job!!!